The RASKCAL Reporter | Issue 25 | March 2019


In this Issue:                                                                                            March 2019

Recognizing RASKC's Volunteer of the Month: Jini Allen


Meet Jini! RASKC is extremely pleased to honor Jini Allen. She might be the only RASKC volunteer who has the “claim to fame” of being a former professional bowler.

Jini is a remarkable person with amazing organizational and communication skills and a heart of gold. In the process of contributing hundreds of hours a year as Scheduler of RASKC’s Covington Cat-Care Team, Jini combines consummate diplomacy and upbeat persistence. These qualities also served Jini and RASKC well when she spearheaded RASKC’s gift-wrapping fundraiser for the Angel Fund in 2016 and 2017. She also provided invaluable support for the project last year. Thank you, Jini!

An interview with Jini can be found on our website and blog.

Spotlight on an Exceptional Youth Volunteer: Amber Duan


Meet Amber!  RASKC’s spotlight shines on Amber Dua, a senior at Eastlake High School. She and her mom Lei began volunteering for RASKC in 2014, shortly after we launched our program at Kirkland.

Amber was recently given "Hononorable Mention” for the 2019 Washington State Governor’s Service Award- Teen Category.

RASKC Kirkland Team Co-Lead Jennifer Hunt wrote, “Amber is truly a most inspirational young lady. She is kind, thoughtful, reliable, and enthusiastic in her commitment to volunteering. Amber's ability to work with both children and adults with equal proficiency and care is a tremendous asset to our community.” Amber also brings bilingual skills to volunteering, which is a big plus.

Amber said, “I love the friendly atmosphere of the shelter in Kirkland! It's very welcoming and draws people in to look at the animals, even if they aren't adopting. The volunteer work is really fun too! Of course there's always cleaning to do, but I'm always happy to help out and then socialize with the animals.”

Amber’s mom Lei added, “Kirkland RASKC is such a perfect place for me to be involved not only with animals, especially cats, but also the working atmosphere. It's like a family!”

Lei has volunteered at several places, including for the PTSAs at Smith Elementary and at the Northwest Chinese School.

When asked about her daughter, Lei said, “Amber is smart, generous and artsy, but what I'm most proud of is her determination and persistence about anything she has decided to do.”

Amber describes her mom as “a really smart and resourceful person. I'm proud of her for being so strong. And I’m thankful for the countless opportunities she's provided me.”

Thank you, Amber and Lei!