1 Million Trees by 2020 surpasses the halfway mark

1 Million Trees by 2020: A partnership led by King County surpasses the halfway mark

Thermometer showing that King County and partners planted 705,840 trees

Students from Salmon-Bay elementary celebrate getting past the half-way mark of 1 Million Trees at Big Finn Hill Park

Thanks to the efforts of cities, nonprofits, tribes, schools and residents, King County announced a total tree count of 705,840 planted toward the goal of one million trees by the end of 2020. The 1 Million Trees initiative highlights the many ways individuals and organizations can become involved in planting trees, whether through organized planting events, donating to the King County Parks Foundation or planting trees in their own backyard and adding them to the tally.

The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks has seen increases in both volunteers and trees planted with their volunteer program. In 2018 7,822 volunteers participated in 321 events in 50 King County parks, planting 52,043 trees. Over 40,568 hours were volunteered in 2018 and included important conservation work removing 336 cubic yards of invasive plants and 2,018 gallons of litter.

A big thank you for helping us get to 705,840 trees! 

#1MillionTrees photo contest

1 Million Trees mug with gifts inside

Trees do so much for us – they reduce stress, improve water quality, clean the air and cool neighborhoods. They’re not bad to look at either!

To celebrate all of those new trees now growing in our region, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks is hosting a photo contest to highlight how much we love and appreciate trees. Share photos of your favorite tree/s for a chance to win a 1 Million Trees mug and bag.

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1 – Get outside through March 15 and hang out with your favorite tree.

Step 2 – Snap a photo of your favorite tree/trees.

Step 3 – Share your photo!

Instagram: Tag your photo with #1MillionTrees and @kingcountydnrp – make your account public so we can see your amazing shots!
Twitter – Tweet and tag us @kcdnrp
Facebook – Send us a message to King County Water and Land Resources Division on Facebook
Email – Send an email to Marie.Tweedy@kingcounty.gov

King County Executive Constantine planting a tree with kids


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