The RASKCAL Reporter | Issue 23 | January 2019


In this Issue:                                                                                            January 2019

Kick off the new year right!

walk dog

Whether it is walking your own dog, accompanying a friend or family member on a walk with their pet, or volunteering to walk dogs at a shelter—the point is simply to help kick off the new year with healthy goals.

Dogs are wonderful companions, who love to be by your side both at home, as well as outdoors. So, bundle up and get out there! In case you were already seeking to grow your family with a RASKC adoptable pet, visit us online or in person.

Recognizing RASKC's Volunteer of the Month: Leisa Murray


Leisa Murray is one of RASKC’s longest-serving volunteers on a weekly shift. She began as a foster volunteer in 2005. A couple of years later she began working shifts at the shelter before there was a Cat Adoptions Building on the RASKC/ KCACC campus.

Leisa serves as the Lead Volunteer for the Early Morning Cat Crew, having trained hundreds of new volunteers. She has cared for innumerable RASKC cats, rabbits, and a variety of other small critters (Thank you, Leisa!).

Leisa is also among the legion of RASKC volunteers who enjoys quilting. An interview with Leisa can be found on our website and blog.

What’s happening @ RASKC

RASKC cited in King County’s top achievements


Hurray that RASKC was cited as one of King County’s top 18 achievements in 2018!

See all of the achievements here. Scroll down to slide 18 for the RASKC achievement.