RASKC Volunteer eNews | Issue 18 | August 2018

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In this Issue:                                                                                            August 25, 2018

Recognizing RASKC's Volunteer of the Month: Pam Gibbons


Meet Pam! She has served with exemplary distinction in several RASKC roles since 2013. Pam served as our first Team Lead at Tukwila Petco. She has also served at Early Morning Cat Crew Scheduler.

Pam now leads shelter tours, facilitates pet photography, staffs RASKC’s booth at community events, and serves on our Cat Meet and Great team. Pam is phenomenally skilled and amazingly reliable. She provides strategic advice on innumerable matters large and small, which has been invaluable. Pam has gone “the extra mile” on so many occasions by helping to train new volunteers and by helping with vast quantities of fill-in shifts, in addition to faithfully working her weekly shift.  Pam has contributed almost 1,000 hours so far. Thank you, Pam!

An interview with Pam can be found on our website and blog.

What's Happening

Innovative program helps pets and their families


With funding from Trupanion, RASKC launched the Rover Scholarship Program last month to help some of our longer-term residents find a new home. So far it has been met with great success.

RASKC waives the adoption fee* and provides a $400 scholarship for adopters to seek professional training classes or individual training for the designated canine scholar.

Four of the five dogs participating in this program have been adopted, including Betty, Domino, Spike, and Thor.  We hope that the remaining candidate, Django, joins the honor roll soon.

* Note: Participants in this program who live in RASKC’s service area are still required to purchase a pet license.

(photo credit: Precious Paws Photography)

We're not KITTEN around!


Earlier this month RASKC was nearly bursting at the seams with many kittens available for adoption. When the adoption fee for kittens was lowered from $100 to $30, as part of the “We’re not kitten around” promotion, adopters flocked to RASKC. So far this month, over 130 kittens have been adopted!

The kitten promotion will continue through August 31st. The special adoption fee applies to all kittens, including those at offsite locations and in foster care.

Prepare for pet care during disasters


With wildfires raging in our region and the looming threat of earthquakes, all pet owners and guardians are wise to develop plans for pet care in case of a disaster.

RASKC’s website provides important advice from the American Red Cross and quick links to the King County Office of Emergency Management, ALERT King County, Seattle and King County Ready, GoPetFriendly.com, FEMA, and our pet-licensing program.

The Pet Safety Checklist on RASKC’s website is available in nine different languages.

Pet of the Week: Meet Roomba


Roomba is a 1 year-old, female, black Pit Bull / Labrador mix (#A558570). Roomba’s personality color is RED, meaning she is a spirited dog with a fun-loving personality! She is cautious in new situations, but once you gain her trust, she will show you what a spunky and fun dog she can be! This sweet girl is hoping to find an understanding family who can work with her on her confidence building, and will probably do best in a home without young children. Once she warms up, Roomba is full of energy and loves to play. She will do best with lots of exercise and something to keep her mind busy. She is also a very smart dog and already knows several commands. Roomba seems to do well with other large, energetic dogs, and would do best with a slow introduction when meeting any other dogs in her new home. Roomba is spayed, current on vaccinations, and microchipped. Her $100 adoption fee also includes a certificate for a free veterinary exam and an opt-in 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion.

You can learn more about Roomba on RASKC’s website at www.kingcounty.gov/adoptapet. Click on "dog" and type in her name.

You can also meet other animals available for adoption, 7 days a week at RASKC's King County Pet Adoption Center in Kent, located at 21615 64th Ave S; Monday - Friday: 12 noon - 6 p.m., Saturday - Sunday: 12 noon - 5 p.m. Phone: 206-296-7387 (PETS), email pets@kingcounty.gov.

Volunteer and Community Update


Cat yoga featured at volunteer event
Earlier this month over 55 volunteers and guests participated in RASKC’s third annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at Seattle Meowtropolitan Café. The highlight of the day was the yoga session with cats. Thanks to Meowtropolitan staff for hosting and providing yoga instruction.

Maddie's University provides free online training. Volunteers are encouraged to engage in continuing education by registering for courses like “Feline Communication,” and “How to Reduce Stress in Shelter Cats.” (Register free here)

Quick Reminders


New location to wash cat carriers. Earlier this month RASKC created a new washing station for cat carriers and feral boxes. It is located on the west side of the load/ unload bay.

Key cards no longer needed except 1pm- 2pm. Our Vet Clinic staff are rejoicing about the new keycard procedure. Volunteers and staff no longer need to use a key card to access the Vet Clinic entrance during normal business hours, except from 1pm- 2pm.

Volunteer Openings

RASKC maintains more than 325 scheduled shifts; 85% are weekly. If you do not see an opening that matches your availability, no worries! Additional openings occur almost every week. Most volunteer descriptions can be found on our RASKC Volunteer webpage

Note: The positions listed below are to be filled by volunteers who have already attended the New Volunteer Orientation and who have already submitted the required paperwork. (Interested in formalizing your volunteer role? Click here

Cat Meet & Greet @ RASKC/ Kent  
Contact Team Coordinator Sarah S

  • Mondays, 4pm- 6pm, alternating weeks
  • Tuesdays, 4pm -6pm, weekly (preferred) or alternating weeks
  • Thursdays, 2pm -4pmpm, weekly (preferred) or alternating weeks
  • Saturdays, 3pm- 5pm, alternating weeks
  • Saturdays, 4pm- 5pm, alternating weeks

Covington Petco Cat-Care Team @ Petco/Covington
Contact Sarah L

  • Tuesdays, 6pm-7pm, weekly or alternating weeks
  • Wednesdays, 6pm-7pm, weekly or alternating weeks
  • Saturdays, 6pm- 7pm, alternating weeks

Dog Walker @ RASKC/ Kent (Adults only) 
Please submit an application only if you are comfortable with large untrained dogs who need skillful handling due to safety reasons. Volunteers with top handling skills (“red”) needed:

  • Mondays, 8am-10am or 8:30am- 10:30am or 9am-10:30am, weekly
  • Tuesdays,  8am-10am or 8:30am- 10am
  • Wednesdays, 12pm- 2pm, weekly
  • Thursdays, 8am-10am, weekly; or 12pm- 2pm, weekly
  • Fridays, 8am- 10am, weekly; or 12pm- 2pm weekly
  • Saturdays, 12pm- 2pm, weekly

Early Morning Cat Crew @ RASKC/ Kent 
Contact Sarah L.

  • Mondays, 8am- 10:30am, weekly
  • Tuesdays, 8am- 10:30am, weekly
  • Wednesdays, 8am- 10:30am, weekly or alternating weeks
  • Thursdays, 8am- 10:30am, on-call to cover absences
  • Fridays, 8am- 10:30am, alternating weeks
  • Saturdays, 8am- 10:30am, on-call to cover absences

Fostering Animals in your home  -- Contact Sarah L

Kirkland Pet-Care Team @ PETCO/Kirkland 
Contact Co-Leads Teresa R and Jen H

  • Tuesdays, 1pm- 3pm, weekly or alternating weeks
  • Wednesdays, 1pm- 3pm, alternating weeks. Might be in the process of being filled.
  • Fridays, 1pm- 3pm, weekly or alternating weeks

Shelter Helper @ RASKC/ Kent 
Contact Onboarding Specialist Patty W

  • Mondays, 8am- 10am or 8:30am- 10am, weekly
  • Tuesdays, 10am- 12pm or 10:30am- 12pm, weekly
  • Tuesdays, 1-3pm or 1:30pm- 3pm, weekly
  • Wednesdays, 10am-12pm or 10:30am- 12pm, weekly
  • Wednesdays, 4:30pm- 6pm or 5pm- 6:15pm, weekly
  • Thursdays,  8am- 10am or 8:30am- 10am or 9am-10:30am, weekly
  • Fridays, 1pm-3pm, or 1pm- 2:30pm, or 2pm- 3:30pm, weekly
  • Saturdays,  4pm- 6pm or 4:30- 6pm, weekly

Vet Clinic Volunteer @ RASKC/ Kent. (Adults only)
Complete the Vet Clinic Volunteer application.

  •  Tuesdays, 2pm- 5pm or 3pm- 6pm, weekly

Wet Nose Wednesday Assistants w/Warm 106.9FM @ RASKC/ Kent 
Dog Walkers of any color are eligible.  
Contact Sarah L

  • Wednesday, September 5, 9:45am- 10:45am
  • Wednesday, October 3, 9:45am- 10:45am
  • Wednesday, October 31, 9:45am- 10:45am

Photography Studio Assistants @ RASKC/ Kent 
Preference given to current cat volunteers for the cat shifts and "red" Dog Walkers  
Contact Sarah L.

  • Sunday, September 23- Cats (8am-10am or 10am-11:30am or both.)
  • Sunday, October 14 - Dogs (8am-10am or 10am-11:30am or both.) -- Red dog-walkers only.
  • Sunday, November 11- Cats (8am-10am or 10am-11:30am or both.)

Contact the Volunteer Program


Thanks for all that you do to help the animals and everyone else at RASKC and at partner locations.

For questions, comments, or suggested topics for future eNews editions, please contact Volunteer Program Manager Sarah Luthens.