RASKC Volunteer eNews | Issue 15 | May 2018

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Happy Asian Pacific-Island Heritage Month!

Recognizing RASKC's Volunteer of the Month: Liz Cate


Meet Liz! She is one of RASKC’s longest serving volunteers who faithfully contributes a weekly shift, which she has been doing with cats at Reber Ranch since 2008. Liz is extremely proficient, extraordinarily reliable, and exudes great cheer. For many years Liz did all of the laundry associated with RASKC’s cat-care at Reber Ranch until her washing machine said no more. Liz often attends volunteer-appreciation gatherings like at the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe’, our volunteer banquets, and RASKC’s southeast King County partner-stores get-together. Liz’s mom sometimes attends too. An interview with Liz can be found on our website and blogThank you for all of your years of service, Liz, with hopefully many more to come!

What's happening at RASKC

ASPCA awards $7,000 grant to RASKC


RASKC’s amazing Animal Services Coordinator Nickie Ford recently wrote a successful grant to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. ASPCA will be giving RASKC $7,000 for portals to be installed in 100 kennels. 

This means the cats in the ringworm and other “sick bay” isolation areas will be able to enjoy twice the space that had been previously given.