RASKC Volunteer eNews | Issue 10 | December 2017

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What's Happening @ RASKC!

Recognizing RASKC's Volunteer of the Month


Meet Marcia! Marcia has been one of RASKC’s most prolific foster volunteers since 2008. For a few years she and volunteer Melissa Edlund sponsored a critter cottage specifically to care for lots of RASKC foster animals. Marcia has led and participated in many special adoption events over the years and almost always seems ready to help out in the most positive ways. Since 2011, Marcia has donated almost 9,000 hours to RASKC. An interview with Marcia can be found on the RASKC website and blog. Thank you, Marcia!

RASKC joins the beautiful world of Instagram!

cat Instagram

You are encouraged to share pictures of RASKC animals. Whenever you do so on Instagram, please take these three steps: (a) Tag RASKC @kingcounty.pets; (b) Write a very brief description of the pet that highlights their best qualities; and (c)  Add hashtags, like #RASKC, #kingcountypets, a hashtag unique to the animal (# + pet's name + Kingcountypets + pet's animal idenification number)-  for example our Pet of the Week #ClarenceKingcountypetsA547137.

 Also include a hashtag for the pet's location, like #PetcoCovington or #PetcoKirkland or #PetcoTukwila or #ReberRanch. Another great hashtag is #RASKCvolunteer. 

Thanks for sharing your beautiful RASKC photos on Instagram!

Delpozzi duo create magnificent work for pets


Twyla and David Delpozzi, of Precious Paw Photography, are donating their time and expertise to provide our adoptable pets with amazing pet portraits. The couple, who have a passion for animals, have dedicated themselves to coming once a month to our shelter. Setting up in the dog meet and greet room, the duo who is fully equipped with lights, camera and various backdrops are taking awe-inspiring pictures. 

As if this weren't enough, these artists have also signed up to take Santa pictures at Kirkland Petco for three Saturdays this month as a fundraiser for RASKC.

Check out the DelPozzi's magnificent work on our Facebook page, their Instagram account.