RASKC Volunteer eNews | Issue 8 | October 2017

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New condos enrich cats' experiences at RASKC


If you’ve visited the cat adoption building recently, you may have noticed some big changes over the last few months. Over the summer, both colony rooms received upgrades to make them more comfortable for our feline residents. Last month we received new, more spacious cat condos thanks to a $75,000 grant from the Petco Foundation. You can read about the new cat condos on our blog. Also, check out this new video about how to do a hard clean on the new condos.

In addition to these upgrades, RASKC cats have several other exciting new things coming their way! Foster kittens will now be located in a new space in the front lobby, and the back room that used to house these kittens will soon be turned in a meet-and-greet room. This will give adopters an opportunity to meet with cats in a more open and inviting space. RASKC is also developing a new cat enrichment program to improve the quality of life for our cats until they get adopted.

Our goal with each of these changes is to enrich the lives of the cats while they are with us, and get them into their forever homes sooner! Thanks so much to all of our cat volunteers for your patience as the cat building has been going through these transitions!

RASKC kitties to new NEKO cat café soon


In addition to providing a range of adoptable kitties to the Meowtropolitan Cat Café in Seattle, RASKC will soon be providing feline leukemia-positive (FeLV+) adoptable cats to the NEKO Cat Café that will be opening soon in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. FeLV+ cats can be fantastic pets and live very happy lives. See this FAQ fact sheet from Best Friends Animal Society.

NEKO Cat Café  is bringing the cat cafe culture of Japan to Puget Sound with a unique, fun and elegant cafe featuring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, small bites, and cats. NEKO Cat Cafe will be home to about 10 adoptable cats of all shapes and sizes. The venue is envisioned to be a sanctuary for cats, adults, and families with children.

Pet licensing says, "Protect your pumpkin!"


For information on annual pet licenses for those who reside in unincorporated King County or the 25 cities that contract with RASKC, go here or call our Pet Information Line, 206-296-7387 (PETS).

Recognizing RASKC Volunteers of the Month


Marie and her adult daughter Dawn are among RASKC’s most dedicated and longest-serving volunteers. They started volunteering together as kitty cuddlers in 2006. They have worked in many RASKC roles since that time. Marie now works regular cat-care shifts at Reber Ranch, plus she and Dawn staff RASKC’s booth at community events. Every week Dawn selects, photographs, and writes descriptions for RASKC’s Pet of the Week that are featured in several suburban newspapers and websites and also on the RASKC website and blog. She also updates RASKC photographs on Petfinder and has served as an instructor. Dawn and Marie often provide transportation to RASKC cats from Kent to the Meowtropolitan Café in Seattle. Marie has also contributed several hundred hours as a member of RASKC’s Volunteer Banquet Planning Committee for many years.Thank you, Marie and Dawn!

Help welcome three new RASKC employees


Please help welcome new RASKC employees, including Animal Care Technicians Rebecca Smokoska and Ashley Fenton. Rebecca has worked as an Animal Care Specialist at The NOAH Center, and she had interned at Sarvey Wildlife in Arlington. Ashley had previously worked at RASKC in 2010, and we're so happy that she has returned. She is also the mom of two children. We are also very happy that Molly Brooks has been hired as a Customer Service Specialist III in our pet licensing section downtown. Welcome, Rebecca, Ashley, and Molly!