RASKC Volunteer eNews | Issue 4 | June 2017

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FUTY EVENT: Register to attend & nominate a RASKC volunteer


Since 2015, Mud Bay has put together an annual FUTY (From Us To You) Festival that celebrates animal welfare volunteers and staff. This year’s FUTY event will take place Sunday, August 20, from 4-7pm at Magnuson Park (Seattle). Lots of delicious food and beverages will be served (free). Also lots of premium giveaways and product samples from various pet-oriented manufacturer will be distributed at no charge.

To attend, you must preregister here with the promo code S595864FUTY

The celebration party also includes awarding three volunteers based on highest number of votes. Each winner receives a $1,000 cash including a $1,000 donation made by Mud Bay to the winner’s shelter, foster or rescue organization.

If you’d like to suggest who RASKC submit for a FUTY nominee, let us know! Last year RASKC nominated the incredible Melissa Blake, read blog story here.  

Recognizing RASKC’s June Volunteer of the Month

RASKC Volunteer of the Month

David Howerton has impressed so many RASKC staff, volunteers, and customers with his amazing dedication and gentle disposition. While a great many RASKC volunteers are extraordinarily dedicated, not many can match the number of hours and shifts that David has contributed in a relatively brief period of time. From the time that he started seven months ago as a Cat Meet and Greet volunteer, he has worked more than 412 hours over 190 shifts. While this includes the time he has contributed with RASKC pet visits to a local retirement home, it does not include additional foster hours that he has given. Simply amazing! Not only is David extremely generous with his time, his affable and helpful nature makes everyone want to spend more time with him. Read a great interview with David on RASKC’s blog here.

Employee Spotlight: Lori Mason

lori mason

Many volunteers consider Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason to be the heart and soul of RASKC with every good reason.

When 56 foster volunteers recently completed an online survey, they gave favorable ratings at 87% or higher in every category for the foster program. One of the volunteers said, “Lori Mason is absolutely amazing and makes volunteers feel highly valued and appreciated.  She is extremely supportive.  The process of fostering is smooth and easy."

Last year Lori worked with more than 150 foster volunteers, who donated over 72,000 hours.

One of her career highlights was founding the Angel Fund, a tax-deductible fund to cover the extraordinary medical expenses for some of our animals. Another highlight was creating the hospice foster program to allow the frailest animals to spend their last months in the comfort of a home rather than in the shelter.

Lori actually spends most of her time at RASKC as a Licensed Vet Tech. She conducts medical intakes of animals who arrive at RASKC. She assists in surgeries virtually every working day.

Having grown up in Puyallup and after working at a local vet clinic for several years, Lori started at King County Animal Care and Control (now known as RASKC) in 2000.

The proud parent of two grown children and many animals over the years, Lori spends time outside of work  with her family and in her church.

Pet Project: The NEW Meet and Greet Room

cat meet and greet

Thanks to the leadership of RASKC Manager Dr. Gene Mueller,  Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason and  to the many volunteers who contributed so many hours raising money at RASKC rummage sales, cats in one of our colony rooms now reside in luxury.

The room with a catio now features a lengthy cat bridge near the ceiling, two chairs with cushions, a decorative cat tree, special cat shelves, and attractive artwork.

Click here to read the full story.

RASKC Pets of the Week featured in media

pet of the week

Ever curious who selects the pet of the week? The local media spotlight is placed on selected RASKC animals each week due to the terrific work of volunteers Dawn Gerken and Jennie Larson. For the past five years, every week Dawn has been selecting and writing features on various RASKC cats and dogs who are then featured in the Bellevue Reporter, Federal Way Mirror, Kirkland Reporter, and RASKC’s website and blog. Thank you, Dawn!

With the assistance of RASKC Administrator Lluvia Ellison-Morales, last year Ashley Leland and Jennie Larson began taking videos of RASKC’s Pet of the Week to better showcase our pet’s fantastic personalities. People reached on RASKC Facebook have ranged from 2,000 to 20,000 views – thank you to all who view, share and like our pet of the week photo and videos! We are getting the word out on our great, adoptable pets!

To see photographs of all of RASKC’s recent Pets of the Week, visit our blog.                                                  

Volunteer Event Updates

Foster Dinner: Last month volunteers and staff filled the banquet room at Mitzel’s American Grill in Kent for the seventh annual Springtime Foster Dinner and Celebration. Thanks to many volunteer donations, every volunteer received a terrific door prize.  Door prizes  included handmade artistic purses, a learning-to-knit starter kit,  adult coloring books and markers,  gift cards to places such as AMC Theaters, Mitzel’s, Mud Bay, Petco, Starbucks, and  Stone Creamery, along with many other super great prizes.

Here are June and July events where you can find  RASKC volunteers at work:

  • June 3: Kent International Festival
  • June 10: Maple Valley Days
  • June 10: Reber Ranch Customer Appreciation Event (Kent)
  • June 17: RASKC New Volunteer Orientation (Kent)
  • June 20: RASKC New Volunteer Orientation (Kent)
  • June 21: Pasado Spay Station Truck Wash at RASKC
  • June 24: RASKC New Volunteer Orientation (Kirkland)
  • June 25: RASKC at Seattle Pride Parade in the King County contingent. Register here.
  • July 1: Covington Library’s Meow Fest 2
  • July 9: Seattle Beer-fest Fundraiser (for RASKC)
  • July 11: RASKC New Volunteer Orientation (Kent)
  • July 16: RASKC New Volunteer Orientation (Kent)
  • July 16: Pawsitive Alliance Adoption Event (Redmond)
  • July 28 (weekend): Bellevue Festival of the Arts

Current Volunteer Openings

Early Morning Cat Crew @ RASKC (Kent)
Contact RASKC.Volunteers@kingcounty.gov

  • Weekly: Fridays 8am- 10:30am

Cat Meet & Greet @ RASKC (Kent)
Contact Coordinator Sarah S: raskc.coordinator@gmail.com

  • Weekly
  • Mondays 12pm- 2pm (summer only)
  • Alternating Weeks
  • Saturdays 4pm- 5pm

Cat Care Team @ Partner Sites
Contact RASKC.Paperwork@kingcounty.gov

  • Covington
  • Mondays 9am- 10am (weekly)
  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm (alternating weeks)
  • Saturdays 6pm- 7pm (weekly)

  • Kirkland  Contact Kirkland.RASKC@gmail.com
  • Saturdays 1pm -3pm (alternating weeks)
  • Sundays 9am-11am (alternating weeks)
  • Sundays 11am-1pm (weekly)
  • Fridays 5pm-7pm (weekly)

  • Tukwila
  • Sundays10am – 11am (weekly)

Shelter Helper @ RASKC (Kent)
Contact Coordinator Sarah S: raskc.coordinator@gmail.com

  • Weekly
  • Tuesdays 1-2pm
  • Thursdays 2pm- 3pm
  • Fridays 1pm-2pm

Dog Walkers @ RASKC Kent
Contact Coordinator Lenda J: raskcdogteam@gmail.com

  • Sundays 8-10 am
  • Mondays 12pm-2pm
  • Tuesdays 12pm-2pm
  • Wednesdays 12pm-2pm
  • Thursdays 12pm-2pm

Are you a natural born planner who loves organizing and talking to people? Be a Scheduler!
Work from home Contact RASKC.Paperwork@kingcounty.gov

  • Dog Team Scheduler (Kent)
  • Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team Scheduler

Quick Reminders

quick reminders

Closed-Toe Shoes: With summer upon us, you might enjoy wearing flip-flops or related footwear. When you are on a scheduled volunteer shift, however, it’s important to wear closed-toe flat shoes.

Animals in Adoptions with Recent Surgery at RASKC/ Kent: If a towel is draped over a cat’s kennel, this means the kitty is not to be disturbed. Please do not lift the towel or open the kennel. Be on the lookout for signage and any indications that a cat has recently had surgery.

Dogs are not taken out of the kennel in the first day after surgery: For several days afterwards, they are to be leash-walked only (no free play in the dog yard). Take note of signage on the dogs’ kennel about surgery. Also review the dogs’ kennel card for any indication of a recent surgery.

These necessary precautions are very important for the animals’ health and safety.

Leaves of Absence: If you need to be gone from a scheduled shift for three or more consecutive shift on a team, it’s important that you request a Leave of Absence with as much advance notice (at least two weeks), if possible.

Contact the Volunteer Program


For any questions or comments please contact us at RASKC.Volunteers@kingcounty.gov