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Going Green Together elementary assembly program


Sign up now or in the fall for King County’s latest elementary assembly program. Going Green Together entertains as it educates students about waste reduction, recycling and composting. Presented by two professional actors in a lively, interactive format, it reminds students how to keep waste out of the landfill and make choices that have the least impact on the planet. Intermediate students also learn the effect of the 4 Rs on climate change. The assembly is a great way to kick off the school year and motivate everyone to participate in a school’s efforts to reduce waste and recycle. Visit the web page for more information, or contact Jessica Graham, 206-583-0655.

End-of-the-year Green Team recommendations

The end of the school year is an excellent time to reflect on successes and challenges and set a few goals for next year. Consider the following three steps.

1) Have a meeting to officially close out the year. Consider making it a celebration. For a quick reflection and planning activity, fold a piece of reuse paper in half. On one half, draw a big plus sign and ask students to list Green Team successes from the year. Encourage them to include even the smallest things. On the other half, draw a big arrow pointing forward. Ask the students to write their hopes for next year in this section. Is there a project they want to start? Do they want to focus on reducing plastic waste? Do they want to start Green Team earlier in the year or involve more students? Share your personal success and hope and then ask each student to share theirs.

2) Share these lists with Green Team specialist Claire, so that she may help with resources and ideas. Schedule a phone meeting to plan for next year. We are available throughout the summer.

3) Read and share this newsletter for additional ideas and recognition! Celebrate your successes and view your challenges as learning moments.

Fall City Elementary students write a story about the evil Dr. Plastic

Fall City authors

Read "The Green Team" by Fall City Elementary students Casey Crook, Ava Wilhite, and Taryn Wilhite.

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 Elementary school Green Team news


Thirty-six elementary Green Teams have already submitted Green Team award applications this year. Here are some examples of their projects. (Some were included in the February 2017 issue.)


 Secondary school Green Team news

Evergreen MS

Secondary school Green Teams take on real leadership roles in their school and community to make conservation a success. Twelve of the 29 registered secondary Green Teams thus far have submitted applications to receive awards for the work they’ve done this year.

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