Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Trail Final Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement Released

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Release of the Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Trail Final Master Plan & EIS

King County has released the Final Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which identifies a Preferred Alternative trail alignment for the Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC).

The County considered alignments that were either on or off of the railbed. Based on differing conditions throughout the corridor, the Preferred Alternative is a combination of the two alignments. To identify this preferred alignment, the County considered public and agency comments on the Draft Master Plan and EIS, the current status of plans for Sound Transit and Puget Sound Energy, and potential environmental and community impacts.

All public comments and responses are contained in Volume 3 of the document. The next step for the Master Plan is consideration by the King County Council this fall.

ERC Regional Trail Masterplan & EIS Cover Page

Highlights of the Preferred Alternative include:

  • In the Lakefront Segment (Renton to I-90) the Preferred Alternative is on the railbed. The on-railbed alignment is slightly modified in some locations, shifting or widening slightly to avoid or minimize environmental impacts, improve neighbor privacy in a residential setting, or improve trail experience.
  • For the Wilburton Segment (I-90 to 108th Ave. N.E.), the Preferred Alternative for the southern part of the segment, south of NE 8th Street, is on the railbed. North of N.E. 8th Street, where transit uses are being planned by Sound Transit, such as for East Link Light Rail and the proposed future light rail alignment plans from Bellevue to south Kirkland under ST3, the Preferred Alternative is either off-railbed or a modified off-railbed profile that seeks to minimize costs and impacts while providing opportunities for optimized co-location of the trail with the future transit alignment.
  • In areas of the Valley Segment (north Kirkland to Woodinville), where there are no plans for use of the railbed by our partner owners, Sound Transit and Puget Sound Energy, the Preferred Alternative is on the railbed, where environmental impacts and costs are minimized. In some sections, such as from Slater Avenue in Kirkland to approximately 135th Avenue NE in Woodinville, the Preferred Alternative for the ERC’s Main Line is the Off-Railbed Alternative to avoid impacts to wetlands and provide space for a Puget Sound Energy power line project. Other short sections in the Valley Segment are off-railbed to avoid wetland and stream impacts or to accommodate a short section of active freight operation in the northernmost mile of the Spur adjacent to SR 202.

Trail Planning Areas

2016 ERC Trail planning areas

ERC EIS Statement Header

Review the Final Master Plan and EIS:

  • Review and download at www.kingcounty.gov/erc.
  • Review at selected King County Libraries. Click here for a complete list of locations.
  • Printed copies of the Final Master Plan and EIS can be purchased for approximately $100 each volume, by calling (206) 622-6000 (Printed Volume 1 includes a CD of Volume 2 and Volume 3).

Questions or comments?

Email: ERCtrail@kingcounty.gov

Phone: 206-204-8801 or toll free 855-216-9461