Universal Health Care Commission seeking public comment

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Universal Health Care Commission seeking public comment

Washington State’s Universal Health Care Commission is finalizing their first report to the Legislature. As part of their review process, the commission is seeking public comment, specifically the report’s executive summary section.

This legislative report covers:

  • A summary of past health care analysis
  • Strategies to move toward a universal health care system
  • Core components of a universal health care system
  • And more

What should I provide feedback on?

The commission is seeking feedback on the executive summary section; however, we welcome feedback on any part of the report. Except for the executive summary section, the report was previously available for public comment and already includes changes the commission made in response to those public comments.

Where/how do I share public comment?

Please review the draft report and email your feedback to HCAUniversalHCC@hca.wa.gov.

How will the commission use this feedback?

The commission will use feedback to further refine the legislative report, specifically the executive summary section, and potentially future reports.

What’s the deadline to provide public comment?

Please send feedback to HCAUniversalHCC@hca.wa.gov by Tuesday, September 13 by 5:00 p.m.

The commission is scheduled to adopt the report at the upcoming October meeting, therefore the commission will be unable to make changes to the report in response to any public comments provided in that meeting.

Where do I go for more information?

To learn more about the commission, please visit our website or contact us.

Note: we are including the draft legislative report in this announcement. This is because we’re currently working on refreshing the www.hca.wa.gov website, which will go live in mid-September. You can still access the Universal Health Care Commission webpages; however, no new webpage content—including this draft report—will show until September 13.