New resources available from WA cost board

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New resources available for those providing health care cost data to WA cost board

Washington State’s Health Care Cost Transparency Board recently asked 11 health insurance carriers and two state agencies to provide their health care cost data for 2017-2019.

(This is what’s known as a “data call,” as we’re calling on these entities to provide data.) The board selected these carriers and agencies because they purchase the majority of health care in Washington State.

Data submission is August 15–October 1.

Why collect data?

The data collected this year will help the board determine how much Washington spends on health care. This data will also set the baseline for tracking future spending growth. Data collected next year (for calendar year 2022) and beyond will be measured against the benchmark, which the board established earlier this year.

Resources and support for data submitters

As part of this year’s data call, carriers and agencies received a technical manual and submission template, which will help them with their data submission. In addition, the Health Care Authority (HCA) hosted and recorded an instructional webinar on this process, which is now available on the Call for benchmark data page

This month, HCA (on behalf of the board) will offer office hours so submitters can have one-on-one time with the state for additional support and guidance.