Public comment period for WA-APCD data request

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Public comment period for WA-APCD data request

Through January 1, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific), the Health Care Authority (HCA) is seeking public comment for a recent data request.

Under WAC 182-70-230, the lead organization must establish a transparent process for the review of data requests, which includes a process for public review for specific requests. …The process must also include the ability for the public to comment on requests that include the release of protected health information or proprietary financial information or both. …The time frame for public comment should not be less than fourteen calendar days. The lead organization must post the final decision for the request within seven days after the decision is made.

Public comment

Public comment is open to anyone who would like to share feedback. We encourage health care and social service providers, managed care organizations, hospitals and health systems, medical associations, Tribes, Accountable Communities of Health, and the public to provide input.

The data request

Data request source:
Washington State All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD)

Data requestor:
The Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute, University of Washington

Data type:
Protected Health Information (PHI) and Proprietary Financial Information (PFI)

E-mail public comments to:

Public comment schedule:
December 17, 2021- January 1, 2022

Progress towards Hepatitis C elimination in Washington State

Hepatitis C Virus (Hep C or HCV) is the most common bloodborne infection in the United States, with increasing case numbers in Washington State. Use of WA-APCD data will help to evaluate the Hep C Free Washington program which aims to eliminate HCV in Washington by 2030. This program evaluation aims to inform Washington State public health and HCV implementing organizations about state-wide progress towards HCV elimination and inform priority investments for the next phase of ‘Hepatitis C Free Washington' implementation. Outcomes of interest include HCV screening, linkage, and treatment completion rates over time as well as cost to the State of Washington and patients. We plan to merge WA-APCD data with Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS) data to estimate linkage to treatment rates.

Study findings will be reported through manuscripts for publication and abstracts of evaluation findings to local and national conferences. Aggregated data visualization and reports will be made available to stakeholders, including state agencies.

This request is for receipt of the following PHI data elements: Member Name, Geographic Locators, Member Coverage Dates, Member Dates of Service, Member Social Security Numbers, Medical Record Numbers, Health Plan Beneficiary Numbers, and Product ID Number. Once data from the Washington State All-Payer Claims Database and Washington State Department of Health database are linked, study IDs will be assigned and data will be de-identified.

PFI data elements: Payment Arrangement Indicator Code, Paid Amount, Copay Amount,

Coinsurance Amount, Deductible Amount, Fee-for-Service Equivalent, Dispensing Fee Charge Amount,

Ingredient Cost/List, Price Charge Amount, Postage Amount, Organization Name, Provider Credential Code Provider NPI, Provider City, State, and ZIP Code.

This project will inform both public health impact as well as financial return on investment for the State of Washington. Results will inform any necessary adjustments the current strategy for potential long-term implementation.

Study protocol has been reviewed and considered exempt by the University of Washington Internal Review Board and the WA-APCD data application is currently under final evaluation by the WA-APCD program.