COBRA Subsidy is ending

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The COBRA Subsidy is ending on September 30, 2021. Some employees, whose eligibility for the employer contribution ended August 31, may be eligible for the subsidy for the month of September. We understand that the back-to-school can be hectic for your organizations.  However, to ensure timely enrollment in the subsidy for those who are eligible, we would appreciate it if you could:

  • Terminate all employees with an August 31, 2021 termination date in SEBB My Account as soon as possible.
  • Where applicable, use termination reason ‘2021 COBRA Subsidy eligible’ to indicate the employee is eligible for the subsidy.
  • Respond quickly to requests for confirmation of eligibility for the subsidy.

Again, we understand this is a busy time for everyone, but we want to ensure those eligible are enrolled timely.