Public comment period for WA-APCD data request

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Public comment period for WA-APCD data request

Through Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific), the Health Care Authority (HCA) is seeking public comment a recent data request.

Under WAC 182-70-230, the lead organization must establish a transparent process for the review of data requests, which includes a process for public review for specific requests. …The process must also include the ability for the public to comment on requests that include the release of protected health information or proprietary financial information or both. …The time frame for public comment should not be less than fourteen calendar days. The lead organization must post the final decision for the request within seven days after the decision is made.

Public comment

Public comment is open to anyone who would like to share feedback. We encourage health care and social service providers, managed care organizations, hospitals and health systems, medical associations, Tribes, Accountable Communities of Health, and the public to provide input.

The data request

Use case submitted: 12/2020

Data Requestor: PhD Candidate at the University of Washington, Department of Health Services

Data type: Protected Health Information

E-mail public comments to:

Public comment schedule: 3/29/21-4/13/21

Title: Inertia and Foregone Welfare attributable to the Auto-Reenrollment and Renewal Policy in the Washington State Health Benefits Exchange.

Summary: The Auto-Reenrollment and Renewal (ARR) policy on the Health Insurance Exchanges (HIEs) was designed to prevent unintentional discontinuous enrollment among HIE enrollees by automatically reenrolling enrollees in their default health plan if an active selection was not made during open enrollment. However, in the five years since ARR was implemented, policymakers have become concerned that ARR is enhancing consumer inertia that is then distorting market signals on the HIEs and increasing premiums, and have considered modifying ARR. The purpose of this research is to establish the impact of ARR on consumer inertia and consumer welfare within HIEs. A fixed effects linear probability model will be used to estimate the impact of ARR on the likelihood that a WA HBE enrollee actively chooses an insurance plan during open enrollment. This request is for receipt of the following PHI data elements: 5-digit zip code, dates of medical service (mmddyyyy) and health insurance coverage dates (start and end) (mmddyyyy). Study protocol has been reviewed and approved by the University of Washington Internal Review Board and is currently under final evaluation by the WA-APCD program. The results from this analysis will be published in a publicly available dissertation, submitted as a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal, and presented at a national conference.