HIT September 2019 Newsletter

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Clinical Data Repository (CDR):

Electronic Health Records (EHR):

  • CMS EHR Help desk: 1-888-734-6433 option #1
  • CMS account security: 1-866-484-8049 option #3

Clinical Data Repository updates

HIT in the community

Health IT is excited to be out in the communities of Washington. Please contact us about presenting an overview of the CDR to your gathering of healthcare industry professionals! Use healthit@hca.wa.gov and 360-725-1514.

New feature: Patient Summary!

The Clinical Data Repository portal view has a new feature for providers to quickly view patient data submitted to the CDR for clients covered under Apple Health (Medicaid).

With just one click you can now get a combined view of a client’s information. Select the “Download Patient Summary” button for a PDF of the following:

  • Problems (last 2 years)
  • Immunizations (most recent for each immunization)
  • Allergies (all available)
  • Medications (last year)
  • Inpatient admits (last year or 3 most recent)
  • Emergency department visits (last year)
  • Blood pressure (2 most recent)
  • Hemoglobin A1c (last 2 years)

Please note, the Patient Summary view is only available through the CDR web portal.

How to get CDR access

For new subscribers, and until further notice, OneHealthPort is waiving the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Participant Annual Subscription fee for one year to view patient data through the CDR web portal. Use of other HIE services during this period voids the offer. Please contact OneHealthPort for complete details.

If you are using the CDR web portal and want to share feedback, please contact HIT at healthit@hca.wa.gov.

The CDR web portal

The CDR web portal is available for viewing by all licensed professionals. This includes physical and behavioral health providers and their delegates.

Some things to remember:

  • All organizations viewing CDR data must be a HIPAA covered entity and have a signed Health Information Exchange participation agreement with OneHealthPort.
  • Only staff with a need to view individual client-level data may access the CDR. (As determined by their manager and configured by their internal IT access staff.) This is similar to how your organization grants electronic health records access.
  • Users can complete training in one hour or less. Organizations using the CDR will not incur training costs from OneHealthPort or HCA. Reference materials are available on OneHealthPort’s website.

The User Acceptance Testing domain is open and ready for testing for those who have not completed CDR onboarding. OneHealthPort will work with vendors to help remaining providers complete their onboarding activities.

Promoting Interoperability updates

New Q&A Webinar Registration Link

We have updated the EHR Q&A Webinar to be the fourth Tuesday of every month from 11 - 12. Please register here. You need to register with this new link or you won't get calendar notifications.

2018 Attestations 

If you were granted an extension or met the deadline and were rejected please have any remaining 2018 attestations completed by October 11, 2019. If you do not finish in time you may have to skip 2018 and miss out on payment. Contact healthit@hca.wa.gov if you have questions. 

2019 Attestations

2019 attestations are set to open on January 1, 2020. Please refer to our attestation chart on our website for further details. 

Upgrade your EHR certification

Make sure you are upgraded to a 2015 certified EHR for 2019 reporting! 

2019 Program Requirements 

For specific information about 2019 attestations and requirements please visit the CMS tipsheet. Under "Objectives and Measures", click on 2019 Medicaid Eligible Professional specification sheets or 2019 Medicaid Hospital specification sheets. 

PI Statistics


Paid for Year 1 = 87 ($63,568,957.00)

Paid for Year 2 = 81 ($36,102,305.00)

Paid for Year 3 = 78 ($29,220,516.00)

Paid for Year 4 = 65 ($22,902,031.53)


Paid for Year 1 = 6,938 ($146,795,030.00)

Paid for Year 2 = 3,579 ($30,271,351.00)

Paid for Year 3 = 2,726 ($23,117,173.00)

Paid for Year 4 = 1,929 ($16,342,673.00)

Paid for Year 5 = 1,437 ($12,189,003.00)

Paid for Year 6 = 848 ($7,168,179.97)

Grand total = $387,677,219.50