Reducing the number of rulemaking notices

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

What is changing? 

The Health Care Authority (HCA) is reducing the number of Rulemaking Notices you receive from us by email each week.

When will this begin?

Immediately. Beginning with rules filed in Washington State Register (WSR) issue 19-06, HCA will send two Rulemaking Notices each month. Each notice will list all of the rules filed in a specific WSR issue.

When will we receive the notice?

You will receive the HCA Rulemaking Notice within two days after the WSR Closing Date for the next WSR publication. You will only receive this notice if at least one of the rule chapters that you have signed up to receive notice for was filed under this WSR issue.

Will HCA continue to publish all rulemaking filings to the Rulemaking web pages?

Yes. We will continue to publish the rulemaking filings to our Rulemaking page. This allows interested stakeholders to view the filings approximately two weeks before they are published in the Washington State Register.

How can I sign up to receive HCA Rulemaking Notices?

To sign up, go to HCA’s Rulemaking page and click Sign up for rulemaking notices or go directly to GovDelivery. Once you reach the Subscription Topics, you will see General and Medicaid rulemaking. Click the plus (+) sign to see all the available chapters to select. You can either select All or click the specific Chapter(s) you are interested in.