Introducing SEBB's enrollment tool: SEBB My Account

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The SEBB My Account system will go live before initial enrollment begins on October 1. For now, we want to share what we’ve done so far. Watch this demonstration video to get a preview of some of the major functions that have already been developed.

Want to help?

We’re asking payroll and benefits staff across the state to participate in a review of the required SEBB My Account system and give us feedback. We have a session planned for March 18.

It takes less than an hour to watch a live, online walk-through of the system. You’ll be able to ask questions via a chat line.

Afterwards, we’ll ask you to complete a brief online survey to give us feedback.

If you’d like to help, please let us know.

Introducing SEBB's enrollment tool: SEBB My Account

As we get closer to the first open enrollment for the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program this fall, the Health Care Authority (HCA), which administers the SEBB Program, has been determining exactly how employees will enroll, and how school benefits and payroll staff will manage their roles.

Thanks to feedback from you and other school districts, ESDs, and union representatives, we’ve learned a lot about how benefits enrollment has worked up to now. We’re using that information to design an online enrollment system that is consistent, easy to use, and supports payroll and benefits staff.

The result is SEBB My Account, the exclusive online enrollment system for the SEBB Program.

SEBB My Account makes it easy

HCA will manage the enrollment system, so you won’t have to. We’ll handle all of the system development and maintenance. SEBB My Account alleviates the majority of manual entry and other functions associated with managing your own system.

In August and September HCA will provide extensive in-person training for benefits administrators (staff who manage payroll and benefits). We’ll also offer online support and training videos through an HCA website tailored specifically for benefits administrators.

Good for employees, too

SEBB My Account is designed to provide an intuitive user experience. The system is easy to use and understand. Employees will be able to do most of their account maintenance on their own, which includes downloading their own statements of insurance. Videos on how to use SEBB My Account will be available for your employees as well.

Employees can use SEBB My Account whenever and wherever they want. The system will work on smart phones and other mobile devices such as tablets and laptops, and desktop computers. For those who don’t have access to any of these devices, paper forms will be available.

Use of SEBB My Account

SEBB My Account will be the only online enrollment system authorized for the SEBB Program.

School employees will use SEBB My Account to:

  • Enroll in the SEBB Program
  • Compare plans
  • Review premiums and coverage
  • Choose their benefits
  • Add or remove dependents
  • Attest to the tobacco use and spousal coverage premium surcharges
  • Upload and submit documents for dependent verification
  • View their benefits elections
  • Update their address and contact information
  • Make changes due to special open enrollment events, such as a marriage or new baby

Benefits administrators will use SEBB My Account to:

  • Access employee accounts
  • Make changes to employee accounts
  • Receive billing statements from HCA
  • Approve dependent verification (For the first open enrollment, HCA will provide assistance with dependent verification through an outside vendor.)
  • Track employee participation during open enrollment
  • Get other administrative reports

HCA will use SEBB My Account to:

  • Issue monthly billing statements
  • Pay insurance carriers

More to come

We’re excited about the SEBB My Account system and the efficient, straight-forward way it will work for employees and benefits administrators. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.