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Apple Health (Medicaid): Provider Alert

Permanent Adoption (CR103P)  - Correction to Previous Alert

182-548-1400, -1450; 182-549-1400, -1450; Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC) – Payment Methodologies and General Payment Information (WSR 17-12-016) Purpose: The agency is amending these rules in response to ESSHB 2572, which directs the agency to increase the use of value-based contracting, alternative quality contracting, and other payment incentives that promote quality, efficiency, cost savings, and health improvement for Medicaid purchasing. To improve clarity, the agency moved existing rule language from WACs 182-548-1400 and 182-549-1400 to new section numbers with new titles: 182-548-1450 FQHC – General payment information; 182-549-1450 RHC – General payment information.

182-500-0050; 182-503-0010, -0505; 182-504-0015; 182-505-0211; 182-514-0260, Suspending medication medical assistance benefits during incarceration, (WSR 17-12-017) Purpose: The agency is amending these rules to comply with SSB 6430, which requires the agency to suspend, rather than terminate, the medical assistance benefits for people who are incarcerated or committed to a state hospital.

182-505-0100, -0210, -0215, -0225, -0235, -0237, -0240, -0300, Family, Children, Pregnancy and Adult Medical Programs, (WSR 17-12-018) Purpose: The agency is updating these rules to correct the Federal Poverty Level and to eliminate the contradiction between WAC 182-505-0210 and Long-Term Care rules.

182-513-1600, -1605, -1610, -1615, -1620, -1625, -1630, -1635, -1640, -1645, -1650, -1655, -1660;  Medicaid Alternative Care (MAC) and Tailored Supports for Older  Adults (TSOA); 182-503-0510 Washington Apple Health – Program Summary; 182-527-2734, -2742 Estate Recovery 17-12-019 Purpose The agency is adopting these rules to implement newly funded programs, Medicaid Alternative Care (MAC) and Tailored Supports for Older Adults (TSOA), that provide benefits for person-centered long-term services and supports (LTSS) to unpaid family members caring for Medicaid-eligible clients. The agency is amending Chapter 182-527 WAC to exclude the MAC and TSOA programs from estate recovery.