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Preproposal - Notice of Intent (CR101)

182-531A-0800, Applied Behavioral Analysis, (WSR 17-11-029)
Purpose: WAC 182-531A-0800 Provider Requirements must be modified to reflect new credentialing for Applied Behavioral Analysis providers through the Washington State Department of Health under Chapter 246-805 WAC. Substitute Senate Bill 5488 of 2015 created three behavior analysis professions in Washington State to go into effect July 1, 2017.

182-513-1350, Community spouse resources, (WSR 17-11-043)
Purpose: This rulemaking is necessary to correct an error in 182-513-1350 (6)(b)(i), which was recently filed. The subsection should have read "…no more than three months before the month of the Medicaid application

182-504-0125, 182-523-0100, Apple Health - Medical extension, (WSR 17-11-044)
Purpose: The agency is revising this rule to clarify that a "parent or caretaker relative" who received coverage must also be eligible for that coverage.