Notice of Completion: The 10 Year Analysis for Senate Bill 5813 is Complete

Office of Financial Management

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UPDATE: The 10 year analysis for SB 5813, titled AN ACT Relating to establishing data privacy protections to strengthen a consumer's ability to access, manage, and protect their personal data, has been completed. The Office of Financial Management has identified this bill as requiring a ten-year projection of increased cost to the taxpayers or affected fee payers.

Ten-year projection:

Office of the Secretary of State:

Section 212 creates the Data Broker Registration Account in the custody of the state treasurer. Funds in the account may only be used by OSOS for the implementation of this chapter and for the purposes of recovery of costs and attorneys’ fees accrued by the attorney general. Only the Secretary of State may authorize expenditures from the account.


An appropriation is necessary to spend the money in the new account.


The cash receipts estimate is indeterminate. The bill creates a new type of registration. OSOS does not have any data with which to estimate the potential number of data brokers that would need to register, nor can we estimate the amount of penalties that may be imposed for data brokers who don't register.


Section 202 requires that fees are to be set in an amount not to exceed the reasonable costs of establishing and maintaining the website required in Section 207. Based on that language, OSOS could assume revenues in Fiscal Year 2023 could be approximately $1.3M to cover the cost of modifying the current Corporations and Charities Filing System. Ongoing maintenance costs of the changes to the system are indeterminate, therefore ongoing revenue estimates are indeterminate. It is reasonable to expect the ongoing costs would be significantly less than the FY23 costs, so ongoing revenue estimates would be significantly lower.


Ten-year projection prepared in consultation with the following agencies:

Office of the Secretary of State

Bill sponsors and contact information:

Senator Reuven Carlyle, Prime Sponsor
(360) 786-7670

Senator Joe Nguyen
(360) 786-7667

Senator Marko Liias
(360) 786-7640

Senator John Lovick
(253) 275-1405

Senator Jamie Pedersen
(360) 786-7628

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