OFM Service News – 2021 State Employee Salary Database: Higher Education Data Needed (CORRECTION)

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CORRECTION:  the bulletin sent on 12/23/21 had an incorrect subject line; therefore, we are re-sending with the correct subject line and also added instructions below to email after the file is loaded to SFT.

Message sent 12/23/21 at 8:55 a.m.

2021 State Employee Salary Database: Higher Education Data Needed

OFM is responsible for providing the data necessary to update the State Employee Salary Database posted on the state fiscal transparency website. This database contains both general government and higher education employee salary data.

What is needed?

To ensure data integrity, OFM requests that the four-year higher education institutions and the State Board of Community & Technical Colleges provide the higher education employee gross earnings data for calendar year 2021.

Below is a link to the updated specification document detailing how the data should be prepared for the file transfer. Submit the data to the SFT (sft.wa.gov) account and target location used by the institution when sending HR data files each pay period. Please email  StrategicHR@ofm.wa.gov when the file is loaded into SFT.

State Employee Salary File Specification 2021

When is it needed?

Please upload the data file no later than January 31, 2022.  Publication of the database is tentatively scheduled for February 2022.

FYI - Statewide HR Data Load Calendar Updated for 2022

The online calendar has been updated with the 2022 payday dates, higher education data upload dates and special data loads dates.


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