ERDC News, Summer 2021


Introducing the ERDC Data Enclave

This July, the ERDC will launch an Education Data Enclave that allows researchers to access and analyze data remotely. A data enclave is a secured virtual environment that you can use to analyze data with a variety of statistical software programs and create research products – all in one virtual workspace!


Research Focus on Equity

The ERDC received funding from the U.S. Department of Education under the equity priority of the 2019 SLDS Grant. ERDC researchers are initiating several research projects under the five following priority areas:

  1. Education paths for special student populations
  2. Student learning and outcomes 
  3. Equitable access to effective educators
  4. Utilization of social and health services by student populations
  5. School discipline, absence, and juvenile justice involvement

If you are interested in learning more about the ERDC research agenda, email ERDC.

Process Improvement at ERDC

In 2020, ERDC began a process improvement journey to identify ways to become more efficient in how we review and fulfill data requests. After documenting our processes, gathering feedback, and brainstorming testable improvement strategies, ERDC leaders and staff worked together to modernize important artifacts that data requesters use on a regular basis. Over the last six months, we have:


New Education Data Roundtables

Starting this summer, the ERDC will host a quarterly Education Data Roundtable for researchers, agency staff, and members of the education community. The Roundtable sessions will be a time to share research, learn about changes in the data, and connect with education colleagues throughout the state. 

In August, our first roundtable will focus on the intersection of education and foster care. More details to come!


ERDC Data in Use

See how researchers have used data from the ERDC P20W warehouse in the following reports: