Dental Quality Assurance Commission Newsletter - March 2020

Dental Quality Assurance Commission − March 2020 Newsletter

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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019) Updates

Access the latest Department of Health updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak or sign up for our blog here.

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Opioid Checklist

Opioid prescribing checklists are now available on our website. Read more about this optional resource here.


Electronic Prescribing

Substitute Senate Bill 5380 mandates all controlled substances be electronically prescribed beginning January 1, 2021. Read more about e-prescribing laws here.

Prescription Monitoring Program Changes

The Washington Prescription Monitoring Program (WA PMP) is changing software systems and there are new requirements for providers to integrate their electronic health records systems with the PMP. Read about these changes here

Antibiotics in Dentistry

Unnecessary antibiotic use contributes to preventable harms such as antibiotic resistance. Read about ways you can become a leader in antibiotic stewardship here.

Legal actions

Legal Actions
November 2019 - February 2020

Read about the final actions taken this quarter by the commission, Secretary of Health, or Board of Denturists here.

Continuing Education Quiz

Earn continuing education credit by taking our newsletter quiz! See this edition's quiz as well as the answers from the previous edition here.

Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

It is the purpose of the commission established in RCW 18.32.0351 to regulate the competency and quality of professional healthcare providers under its jurisdiction by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing qualifications for licensure, continuing education, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency mechanisms, and discipline.

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COVID-19 Updates

Opioid Checklist

Electronic Prescribing

Prescription Monitoring Program Update

Antibiotics in Dentistry

Legal Actions

Opioid Prescription Requirements & Helps

Find current and revised opioid prescribing requirements at
through -790.

And more information on the Department of Health Opioid Prescribing Webpage

Dental Rules and Laws

RCW 18.32

WAC 246-817

RCW 18.260

RCW 18.350

RCW 18.130

WAC 246-12

WAC 246-16

RCW 70.02

Commission Members

Julia Richman, D.D.S., Chairperson
Aaron Stevens, D.D.S., Vice-Chairperson
John. R. Liu, D.D.S.
Bree Kramer, EFDA  
Kunal Walia, D.D.S.
Lyle McClellan, D.D.S.
David Carsten, D.D.S.
Ronald Marsh, D.D.S.
Kathleen Elling, EFDA
Brian Macall, D.D.S.
Sonia Pal, D.M.D.
Karla Briggs, Public Member
Tiffany Bass, D.D.S.
Abhishake Banda, D.M.D., M.D.
Karen Clements, D.D.S.
Marlynne Fulton, Public Member


Commission Staff and Contact Information

Trina Crawford
Executive Director

Jennifer Santiago
Program Manager

Becky McElhiney
Assistant Program Manager

Erin Obenland
Case Manager

Department of Health
PO Box 47852
Olympia, WA

Customer Service

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DOH 646-175
March 2020