Electric Vehicle Council launches public engagement for Transportation Electrification Strategy

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march 1, 2023

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EV Council launches public engagement for Transportation Electrification Strategy

Statewide survey, focus groups, interviews will ensure community voice in future state actions

The Washington State Department of Commerce and the Interagency Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council (EV Council) are developing a Transportation Electrification Strategy that will recommend policies and funding strategies and an implementation roadmap to advance electric vehicle adoption opportunities, infrastructure and incentives throughout the state.

The final plan is due to the Washington State Legislature by December 31 this year, and implementation will begin January of 2024.

Public involvement planned

To ensure the strategy reflects the needs and preferences of communities across Washington, the planning process will include many opportunities for the public to contribute and offer feedback. Over the next several months, the EV Council will be gathering input from Washington residents.

Information, resources and opportunities for online and in-person public participation, including surveys and focus groups, will be posted on a Transportation Electrification Strategy webpage.


The EV Council was created in 2022, when the Move Ahead Washington transportation package was signed into law, to coordinate the state’s transportation electrification efforts and meet the state’s 2030 electric vehicle adoption target. The EV Council is composed of 10 state agency representatives and is co-chaired by Commerce and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Transportation represents Washington’s largest climate challenge - the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions - and our current systems exacerbate health, racial, economic and transportation inequities. As a leader in electric vehicle adoption, Washington has the opportunity to model equitable and inclusive pathways to electrification for the rest of the county.

The Transportation Electrification Strategy will combine the expertise of the EV Council and stakeholders with input from residents. Together, we will create a plan to improve electric vehicle access and affordability, increase the number of electric multi-modal options, and advance environmental justice outcomes such as improved air quality in highly impacted communities.

It is imperative that the strategy support the needs of all Washington communities because it will be one of the largest transportation transitions ever implemented in the state. The EV Council must ensure the strategy benefits communities most impacted by transportation-related air pollution, includes the concerns of non-drivers, and reduces the cost of transportation for all.

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We look forward to connecting with you through our public engagement process. In the meantime, please email the strategy engagement team with questions and input: EVCouncilFeedback@CascadiaConsulting.com.