Love Your Data HMIS Newsletter - May 2021

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MAY 18, 2021

Love Your Data HMIS Newsletter

Quarterly Dashboards


The CHG Performance Tracker and Data Quality dashboards are updated for the third quarter of State Fiscal Year 2021 (January 1 to March 31). Take a look here, on our Tableau Public Page, if you haven’t looked at them already.

Reports Corner

Reports Corner

Every quarter we will examine a report or two to help you take ownership of your data.

[EXIT-101] Potential Exits

This report checks for clients in your program that haven’t had a service entered into HMIS recently. All you do is select your program, the report output format (remember that if you select “web page,” you can drill down into specific entries better) and the cutoff date. The cutoff date is the day after you would like the last activity to be. For example, if you are looking for clients who had their last service on 02/18/2021, use 02/19/2021 as the cutoff date.

Keep in mind these are just “potential exits” and don’t necessarily mean that the person needs to be exited from the program. Someone included in the program might have had services in real life that haven’t been entered into HMIS. So, use due diligence.

Staffing Changes

As of May 1, Alicia Osborne, many people’s first person to contact when they need HMIS help, took a promotion within the team as the HMIS Data Coordinator. At this time, we ask that you please make sure to use instead of Alicia directly if you need HMIS technical assistance.

Congratulations, Alicia!

If you’re interested and like the idea of doing HMIS technical assistance, keep an eye out soon for when that job gets posted to

HMIS Team and the Office of Homeless Youth are Hiring


In the meantime, the HMIS team has another open position. This job is in charge of monitoring data quality for 34 of the 39 counties in Washington State and helping handle data requests from non-profit and government agencies. It is a permanent position and can be located anywhere within Washington State (that’s right, you don’t have to move to Olympia for this job!).

If you’re interested, take a look at the job posting here: Data Quality and Reports Analyst

This position will remain open until 5/25.

If you are interested in supporting statewide efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness, and are committed to racial equity, collaboration, and centering young people in the work, the Office of Homeless Youth has several opportunities for you:

Deputy Director (closes on 5/19)

Systems Change Manager (closes on 5/26)

Engagement & Communications Specialist (closes on 5/26)

Our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative of those we serve. We support an inclusive work environment and culture that reflects a broad spectrum of diversity, including racial, ethnic, cultural, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Excel at Excel basics

excel dates

Want to look like a spreadsheet wizard to impress your friends? Here we will explore the power of spreadsheets, from the basics to advanced tips.

Click here to read how to calculate the number of days between today and another day

Dear Alicia: Missing 2FA code

Falling out of love with your data and need to rekindle the romance? Alicia has your back.

One of our readers writes:

Dear Alicia,

I’m about a month into a new relationship with HMIS. Everything is going fine but, very recently, HMIS has been coming off as passive-aggressive.

The other day I tried logging in, and it asked to send a code to my email for 2-factor authentication. Then nothing. The last time this happened, it sent me the email pretty quickly. But I’ve been waiting for a long time now and still nothing!

Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?

Authentication issues in Asotin County

Dear AAC,

It is likely something HMIS is dealing with. But first, take a deep breath, assume positive intent, and check in on yourself (or your spam folder).

In the most recent Clarity update, it may just take longer than usual to get your code. Clarity is doing its best, so the key here is to be patient.

Periodically check your spam folder as well. Sometimes the email code goes there.

Here’s a secret to bypass the passive-aggressive game, though. If you download the Google Authenticator App on your phone, it will bypass the email process altogether.

Clarity will pop up a screen asking you to enter a code, and the app will tell you what code to punch in.

I hope that helps.


Editor's Note: This will be the last time that this column will be known as the “Dear Alicia” column, as our very own Alicia has accepted a promotion within the HMIS Team (read above). Do you want to be the next Alicia? Stay tuned and keep your eyes open on our Commerce job postings site for the opportunity!


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future content, please contact

That is all from us for now. Have a great quarter, and don’t forget to love your data!