Weekly Clean Energy Transformation (CETA) Act Bulletin

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JUly 27, 2020

Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act Bulletin

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Joint workshop on delivery requirements for renewable generation

Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission are conducting a joint workshop from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on July 27 to discuss the two agencies’ interpretations of RCW 19.405.040(1)(a) and stakeholder responses to the Commerce draft discussion rules and Commission Notice questions. Agenda and workshop access details are available on Commerce’s CETA rulemaking webpage.


Utility data collection for RCW 19.405.120(3) begins July 31

Commerce’s data survey tool for utility data collection on low-income energy assistance programs will be available starting July 31 on the Energy Assistance under CETA webpage. Instructions and a PDF of the survey questions will be made available then. The tool will remain open until Nov. 13. If you have questions about this process or the data tool, please contact Sarah Vorpahl (sarah.vorpahl@commerce.wa.gov).


Proposed workshop on Aug. 3 canceled

Commerce has canceled the potential workshop on Aug. 3 to focus on writing its second draft rules, which are tentatively scheduled to be published on Aug. 14.


Streamlining CETA and Energy Independence Act (EIA) requirements

At the Sept. 2 workshop, Commerce hopes to identify opportunities to streamline the requirements of Washington’s two clean electricity laws, CETA and EIA, to simplify compliance and avoid duplicative processes. Please send us an email if you have specific ideas to cover at that workshop.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Details on these events are available on the CETA rulemaking webpage.




July 27


Bundling workshop

July 31

Data collection

Utility data collection starts

Aug. 14

Draft rules

Commerce will publish its second draft of CETA rules (tentative)

Sept. 2


Streamlining EIA and CETA implementation

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