Weekly Clean Energy Transformation (CETA) Act Bulletin

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feb. 24, 2020

Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin

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Materials from the equity and utility and planning process workshop are now available

The equity area, metrics, and examples handout and workshop notes are now available on Commerce’s rulemaking webpage under past workshops. The handout includes attendee feedback received at the equity and utility workshop.

Comments requested on the rate impact provision in CETA

Commerce is conducting a workshop with the Utility and Transportation Commission (UTC) on March 17 to discuss the methodology for calculating the incremental cost of CETA compliance. This provision is RCW 19.405.060(4) for consumer-owned utilities. To help prepare for that workshop, Commerce is requesting written comments from stakeholders. The UTC requested comments on the same topic, as applied to investor-owned utilities, in Docket UE-191023. Comments are due Feb. 28, and the request for comment is available on Commerce’s CETA rulemaking webpage.

Small utility reporting and planning workshop

Commerce is holding a workshop on April 6 to discuss reporting and planning for small utilities under CETA. This workshop will focus on requirements for utilities that have fewer than 25,000 customers and utilities that are not required to prepare an integrated resource plan under RCW 19.280.030(1). Details will be provided before the workshop.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Details on these events are available on the CETA rulemaking webpage.

Date Event Topic
Feb. 28 Comments Incremental cost methodology for 2% rate impact provision

March 17


Incremental cost methodology for 2% rate impact provision

April 6


Small utilities reporting and planning

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