June Consolidated Homeless Grant Newsletter

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Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) Newsletter

June 26, 2017

Please forward to your sub grantees and contact your CHG program manager if you have any questions.

Final Invoices for State Fiscal Year 2017

Please note the invoice deadline submission dates for CHG contract period ending June 30.

  • Invoices for services performed through May 31, 2017 need to be submitted by June 30, 2017
  • Invoices for services performed through June 30, 2017 need to be submitted by July 17, 2017

2017-2019 CHG Guidelines

New CHG guidelines now available! The updated guidelines are located on the Department of Commerce Consolidated Homeless Grant website under Grant Materials. 

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Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts

Myth: In the new contract period, CHG-funded projects may not require households to participate in supportive services, so the housing program I work for can no longer require clients to attend regular case management meetings.

Fact: Case management and housing stability planning are allowable in the upcoming contract period. From the 2017-2019 CHG guidelines:

Supportive services are helping or educational resources that include support groups, mental health services, alcohol and substance abuse services, life skills or independent living skill services, vocational services and social activities.

Supportive services do not include case management and housing stability planning. Housing stability planning is required for housing interventions, except for Emergency Shelter projects.

Shelter Provider Network Update

During the Shelter Provider Network call on June 12, Emily Mirra from Building Changes gave attendees an opportunity to share their thoughts on the future of the network. Those on the call were interested in having a continuing forum to share experiences and gain insight from other shelter providers. If you have participated in the past but were not on the call, Emily will be sending out a survey or poll in order to get your input in the coming weeks. 

State Budget Update

The Washington State Legislatures has concluded a second Special Session and is now in a third. We still don’t have a state operating budget for July 1, 2017. In recent years, we released an estimated CHG budget and asked you to return a form based on those projections. We were able to do this because the proposed House and Senate budgets were fairly similar.

Because the House and Senate budgets passed in March vary so widely this time, we don’t think developing an estimate for you to submit projections is a worthwhile exercise. Below is a chart with the current budget alongside the proposed House and Senate budgets that illustrates the differences.