L&I's Interpreter Scheduling System, WordBridge, Goes Live June 17

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L&I's Interpreter Scheduling System, WordBridge, Goes Live June 17 

After June 17, WordBridge must be the only method of securing an in-person interpreter. If you are unable to secure an interpreter through WordBridge, you may use the phone interpreter services provided by CTS Language Link. Medical and vocational providers can request on-demand, telephonic interpreter services through CTS Language Link through July 31st, 2024. Call one of the phone numbers below and have the claim ID and other necessary information ready.

Medical Providers: 877-626-0678

VOC Counselors: 844-303-7212

Activity Coaches: 844-303-5430

interpretingWorks will provide services for L&I through midnight today, June 14. 

This weekend, June 15 and 16, contact an L&I on-demand interpreter directly. You may find a list of approved L&I interpreters on our website or by calling CTS Language Link.  

L&I has heard valuable feedback over the last couple of weeks about the transition to the new system specifically, the need to have additional access points for medical and vocational providers to access interpreter services. As a result, SOSi will be rolling out a phone line for on-demand, offsite phone interpretation services. We will be sending a communication in the next month with more detail.

Instructions for providers who already set up a WordBridge account

If you responded to L&I’s request for information, SOSi has created your account in their system and the link to the WordBridge system is available in My L&I. Please complete the WordBridge approval process:

WordBridge Authorization Process for Requestors.

You can access the link (step 3) by selecting the down arrow next to your name on the top right corner of your My L&I dashboard. Then select +Get More Access, select medical or vocational provider, click continue, don’t enter the provider ID or NPI, under "Tasks you can do right away" you will see the link to “Schedule and Interpreter for an Appointment with a Patient.”

The authorization process may take up to two business days. SOSi will notify users via email when you are approved for access and can start booking requests for dates of service after June 17.

Instructions for providers who don’t have a WordBridge account

Please ensure that all users/requestors are registered in My L&I. Then, contact the L&I interpretation services team at Interpretation@Lni.Wa.Gov to complete a one-time intake form necessary to set up your account in the WordBridge system.

WordBridge training for providers

SOSi posted the training materials on their WordBridge page: Provider Instructions - wordbridge.io.

Contact SOSi for registration questions or concerns at:

You may also reach out to L&I’s Interpreter Services program at Interpretation@Lni.Wa.Gov