Make a withdrawal from L&I's Ergonomics Ideas Bank

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Make a withdrawal from L&I's Ergonomics Ideas Bank


Cash in on hundreds of ideas to help your workers avoid sprains and strains on the job by visiting the Ergonomics Ideas Bank.


L&I ergonomists have been saving the best solutions to address just about any hazard a worker may face including tips for baggage handlers, meat packers, newspaper carriers, restaurant workers and many more. Even if your job requires you to sit at a computer all day, the Ergonomics Ideas Bank has guides for you to prevent strains and injuries.


Search by industry, hazard, keyword or any combination of these. You’ll find tip sheets, industry guidelines, checklists, tools and equipment to solve various ergonomic issues.


Forget that massive search engine. The Ergonomics Ideas Bank consolidates all of the best resources and success stories in one place – saving you time and frustration. You can bank on it!


Can’t find it in the bank? L&I’s team of experienced ergonomists can help you solve the most challenging situation with a free Ergonomic Consultation.


What are you waiting for? The online bank is open 24/7.