Updated masking rules for Washington state businesses and workers

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washington state department of labor and industries - safety and health

Updated masking rules for Washington state businesses and workers

Beginning tomorrow, masks are no longer required for most workers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a public health emergency and a recognized workplace hazard.

Employers must continue to assess COVID-19 hazards in their workplace, because the level of hazards may change.

Read L&I’s newly updated Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19.

At a minimum, all employers will need to:

  • Keep workers with suspect or confirmed cases of COVID-19 from working around others.
  • Provide handwashing facilities and clean and sanitize surfaces regularly.
  • Educate workers about COVID-19 prevention in the language they understand best.
  • Provide written notice of potential COVID-19 exposure within one business day to all
  • Report COVID-19 outbreaks of 10 or more to L&I.
  • Address COVID-19 in the employer’s written Accident Prevention Program or equivalent safety program.
  • Allow workers to wear a mask if they want to.

In addition to the prevention requirements above, masks are still required for all workers:

  • In hospitals, dentist offices, medical facilities, and other health care settings.
  • In long-term care settings.
  • In locations required by federal law (e.g., on public transit, taxis, and rideshare vehicles).
  • In correctional facilities.
  • When they return to work after quarantining for COVID-19.
  • When their employer chooses to require mask use.

Read L&I’s newly-updated Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19 for additional information and more detailed requirements. Even more resources are available at L&I’s COVID-19 Safety Topic page.