Keep Trucking Safe May 2021 Newsletter

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Keep Trucking

Safety Material for the Trucking Industry
 May 2021

Safe Cab, Safe Driver

A truck cab has more uses than any other part of a truck. It serves as the vehicle’s control center, an office for paperwork and phone calls, a break area to rest and eat, a shelter from bad weather and environmental conditions, and a storage space for work supplies and equipment. The cab’s multiple uses come with a wide range of hazards. Injuries can result from cab entrance and exit, prolonged sitting, reaching and handling the steering wheel, gear shifter, switches and knobs, and exposure to vibration, noise, chemicals, and fire risks. Take steps toward cab safety by starting with the following tips.

Image of truck driver sitting inside the cab adjusting his chair.

Tips to live by

Well, Well, Well, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is Back

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month takes place every year in May to promote health and fitness in the workplace. When workers practice healthy lifestyles that include a nutritious diet and physical exercise, they lower their risk of injury and illness and increase productivity. For truck drivers, health and fitness are vital to safe vehicle operation and overall job performance. Healthy and fit drivers benefit trucking companies because they are in better physical and mental condition and are more likely to maintain CDL medical requirements.

Image of human silhouette in front of a globe with the text "Global Employee Health & Fitness Month" above it.

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In Memory and Honor

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries held its Worker Memorial Day ceremony on April 28th to remember the workers who died in 2020 from job-related injuries and illnesses. The virtual ceremony included remarks from Gov. Jay Inslee, representatives from the Association of Washington Business, the Washington State Labor Council, the Washington Self-Insurers Association, and Tina Meyer, whose son Cody was working as a flagger when he was hit and killed by a distracted driver in 2015. This year’s ceremony entered 119 names into the Worker Memorial book, which is on permanent display in the agency’s headquarters’ in Tumwater. The the names of the fallen workers were read aloud with the traditional ringing of the bell after each one.

Image of lit candles

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National Missing Children’s Day is May 25th

National Missing Children’s Day began in 1983 after several high-profile disappearances took place, including the kidnappings and murders of 6-year-olds Etan Patz and Adam Walsh, and the alarming recoveries of twenty-nine bodies of children and young adults in Atlanta. National Missing Children’s Day honors missing and abducted children while celebrating those who have been recovered. It also raises awareness of the need to improve searching for those missing.

Image of colorful tree clip art with a heart in the middle with the text "Bring Our Missing Children Home Safely".

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Workplace Hazard Reporting and Response System

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This training tool will teach you what a workplace hazard reporting and response system is and the importance of having one. This system is used to gather and document information to improve hazard identification, assessment, elimination, and control.

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Conduct an Injury Investigation

image of diverse group representing Injury investigation report

Root cause analysis is a process for finding the what, howand why something happened to prevent it from happening again in the future.

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Getting struck by or against an object 

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