Keep Trucking Safe December 2020 Newsletter

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Safety Material for the Trucking Industry
 December 2020

Test Our New Safety Program Tool!

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Want to help test a new, state-of-the-art tool that’s designed to improve truck driver safety? The Trucking Injury Prevention Emphasis (TIRES) project is seeking a few small to medium-sized local and regional trucking companies to test a beta version of the TIRES Safety Program Development Tool. The tool will be available for testing starting in January 2021. As a tester, you will simply try the tool, review the safety program it creates for you, and then let us know about your experience. All you need is a Google Chrome internet browser, a printer, and a few minutes to enter some basic company information, the tool will do the rest. Your responses will help us improve the tool before releasing a final version. Please click here to read an overview of the tool and then fill out this short questionnaire so we can contact you.

Thank you,

The TIRES team

Three-Pointers Get Wins

The basketball court isn’t the only place where three-pointers help you win big! Using three points of contact when entering or exiting step van delivery trucks is always a winning play to help prevent falls.

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Drowsy Driving is Dangerous Driving

The last thing a truck driver needs is to doze off while at the wheel. Drowsy driving creates a dangerous collision course with injury and death. When driving at 60 miles per hour, each second a rig covers the length of a basketball court-that’s nearly 100 feet. Drowsiness affects a driver much like alcohol and drugs. It slows overall reaction time because of reduced hand-eye coordination, vision, judgement and situational awareness. Nodding off for just a second or two can end in a deadly crash.

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Tips to live by

Keep the Holidays Happy, Look Out for Drunk Drivers

Although fewer vehicles are on the road due to COVID-19 restrictions, the risk of drunk driving crashes during the holidays remains high. This is because the holidays are historically a time that sees an increase in drunk driving, which kills around 300 people each year between Christmas and New Year’s Day. According to the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission, nearly half of all traffic deaths in Washington involve an impaired driver, and around 100 people are arrested for impaired driving each day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Image of text "Report Drunk Drivers Call 911" in a blue circle.

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Workplace Hazard Reporting and Response System

Image of worker holding thumb up with the title: Workplace Hazard Reporting and Response System

This training tool will teach you what a workplace hazard reporting and response system is and the importance of having one. This system is used to gather and document information to improve hazard identification, assessment, elimination, and control.

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What is a Safety Committee?

Image of truck driver with arms open and a title "What is a safety committee?"

This training tool will teach you what is a safety committee and the importance of having one. The safety committee has a mission to promote a safety culture within the company and it's achieved by providing training to management, supervisors and employees.

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