Keep Trucking Safe November 2020 Newsletter

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Keep Trucking

Safety Material for the Trucking Industry
 November 2020

Now Hear This!

Truck drivers work around loud noise hazards! Whether from the ambient sound coming off the rig or from terminals, maintenance shops, warehouses, construction, or airport noise, it can be hard to hear. With all the noise, it’s hard to hear warning signals—even without a hearing impairment. Drivers with hearing loss have an even harder time of it. To help, limit daily workplace noise exposures to within NIOSH recommended exposure limits.

Image of sound meter, headphones, earplugs and other tools to prevent a hearing injury.

Tips to live by

Drive Awake, Arrive Alive

Sleepiness and driving is a dangerous mix that makes America’s roadways unsafe. Taking place from November 1-8, Drowsy Driving Awareness and Prevention Week is a national campaign to educate motorists about the hazards and serious consequences of drowsy driving. 

Image of icon with text: #Sleepfirst Dowsy Driving Prevention Week November 1-8, 2020

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Workplace Hazard Reporting and Response System

Image of worker holding thumb up with the title: Workplace Hazard Reporting and Response System

This training tool will teach you what a workplace hazard reporting and response system is and the importance of having one. This system is used to gather and document information to improve hazard identification, assessment, elimination, and control.

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What is Safety Climate?

Image of diverse group with the text how to improve your company's safety climate

Safety climate is the new catch phrase in occupational safety circles. But what is it? And what does it mean to your company? Find out in this training:

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Slips, trips, falls

Strain & sprains (musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object 

Hazard Prevention Tools