Keep Trucking Safe October 2020 Newsletter

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Keep Trucking

Safety Material for the Trucking Industry
 October 2020

No Space? Cover Your Face

Truck drivers travel alone a lot. Isolated in truck cabs, they often have little direct contact with other people. While this may lower their risk of catching or spreading COVID-19, they must still protect themselves and others when making brief stops along their route. The pandemic makes it hard to be sure that the person who talks, coughs or sneezes as they walk by is not infected—some don’t realize they are infected. Drivers may feel a false sense of security at familiar customer sites or public places. This is especially true if they don’t expect lengthy social interactions. Wearing a facemask helps keep drivers and others safe when social distancing and other prevention measures can’t be maintained.

Image of how to not wear a mask and how to properly wear one.

Tips to live by

Have You Heard? October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. The annual observance is a time to learn about noise-induced hearing loss and ways to prevent it. Being exposed to loud noise can cause immediate or gradual hearing loss or other damage in one or both ears. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports that hearing loss due to loud noise may affect up to 24 percent of American adults under age 70.

Image that show intensity comparison with NIOSH recommended permissible exposure time.

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Don’t Let Crime Hold You Up

Crime Prevention Month  takes place each October to raise awareness of issues such as victimization and the need for volunteers to create safer, more caring communities. The annual observance began in 1984 as an effort of the National Crime Prevention Council to unite government agencies, civic groups, schools, businesses, and youth organizations to educate the public about crime prevention issues.

Image of  of dog with a coat that looks like a detective witht the title ' Take a gite out of Crime'

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Jump Force

Image of outline body and cabin door open with title determine your impact force.

Test your skill in this interactive truck cab and trailer exit force simulation.This simulation will illustrate the forces generated from exiting a cab or trailer of a large truck.  To start the simulation, move your cursor over and click on any of the red zones.  You can also enter the driver's body weight and choose whether you are exiting a truck or a trailer. 

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Prevent Slips

Image of worker walking with tools to around him.

Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of injuries in the trucking industry. The correct amount of friction prevents these injuries. Friction can be measured using the 'Coefficient of Friction (CoF)', which is proportional to grip between your shoes and walking surface. Friction changes with environment and contaminants, type of shoes and task activities.

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Slips, trips, falls

Strain & sprains (musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object 

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