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Safety Material for the Trucking Industry
 June 2020

Hi everyone, we hope you are all doing well. Please check out our new web page with all our COVID-19 related material. While you are there, feel free to browse around the website, we have plenty of safety material for truck drivers. Stay safe and healthy.

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Don’t Get it Twisted

Removing and installing wheels on tractor-trailers is no small feat. Some truck mechanics have done this so often they begin to overlook the risks. This happened to a 38-year-old mechanic who tore the cartilage in his left knee while installing a tractor wheel after a routine brake job.

Image of truck wheel dolly in use.

Tips to live by

Spotting Hazards

Using spotters can effectively protect pedestrians and property obstructed from view behind a truck that is backing up. But working closely to moving trucks puts spotters at high risk of getting struck and run over. Simple mistakes like a wrong hand signal or brief loss of visual contact can quickly end in serious injury or death. That’s why proper safety training for spotters and drivers makes all the difference. Follow these tips to help keep spotters safe on the job.

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Tips to live by

June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month takes place every June to raise awareness of the leading causes of injury at work, at home, and on the road. During the month-long observance, thousands of communities, organizations, and health professionals will unite to help people identify hazards and solutions to prevent injuries and fatalities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017 preventable injury-related deaths totaled 4,414, and medically consulted injuries totaled 4.5 million. Total injury costs were estimated at $161.5 billion, including wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, motor vehicle property damage, and employer costs.

National Safety Month 2020

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Landing Gear

Image of truck driver using the landing gear.

This course teaches prevention of common shoulder disorders caused by improperly lowering the landing gear. See which body position is best to avoid an injury.

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What Is a Safety Committee?

Image of truck driver with arms open and a title "What is a safety committee?"

This training tool will teach you what is a safety committee and the importance of having one. The safety committee has a mission to promote a safety culture within the company and it's achieved by providing training to management, supervisors and employees.

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Slips, trips, falls

Strain & sprains (musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object 

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