Keep Trucking Safe February 2020 Newsletter

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 February 2020

Nine Truck Drivers Died on the Job in Washington State During 2019

We at send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the drivers we lost in 2019. We believe every worker deserves to go home safe each night. It is always hard to find the right words to talk about losing members of our community. These men worked to provide for their families and transport the goods that keep America strong. We truly appreciate and respect the hard work trucking professionals do each day. We hope that by keeping safety as part of the daily conversation, we can contribute to the end of trucking-related deaths in Washington State.

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Got a Backup Plan?

Backing up a trailer is a task that truck drivers do so often that it may feel like a force of habit. But a laid back attitude can lead to inattention that can cause serious and fatal injuries from backing into co-workers, customers, and other pedestrians. It can also result in costly damages from smashing other vehicles and property. No matter your skill level and familiarity with a worksite, staying alert and taking time to inspect blind spots and backup zones can save lives, equipment, freight, and money. Here are a few common tips to help you back up safely.

Image of driver getting hit as semi truck backs up.

Tips to live by

Crawl on the Haul

A 53 year-old truck driver sustained a severe head injury when he fell off a slippery load.

The driver was placing a tarp over the top of a loaded flatbed trailer. It started to rain, and the driver found himself standing on a wet, slick load. He took a step and slipped, plunging headfirst almost 11 feet onto the asphalt road.

Nearby off-duty emergency medical technicians saw the driver fall and came to give him first aid. He was bleeding heavily from a deep scalp wound. An ambulance took him to the emergency room. Medical exams showed the driver got a concussion when his head hit the ground.

Image of truck with tarp driving in bad weather.

Tips to live by


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Landing Gear

Image of truck driver using the landing gear.

This course teaches prevention of common shoulder disorders caused by improperly lowering the landing gear. See which body position is best to avoid an injury.

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Prevent Falls From Ladders

Image of driver coming down a ladder.

When it comes to ladders, rushing can get you into a lot of pain. Based on the true story of a driver painfully injured from rushing down a ladder.Use this interactive training to review safe ladder techniques.

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Strain & sprains (musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object 

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