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Keep Trucking Safe May 2018 Newsletter


(Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis)
The TIRES research team is working with industry leaders, safety and health professionals, employers, drivers, warehouse and dock workers, and many others to develop educational materials that identify hazards and provide low-cost, simple solutions to prevent injuries in the trucking industry. Learn more about TIRES.

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Some deliveries can be a real pain!

Some deliveries can be a pain true story.

A 45-year-old delivery driver was unloading appliances by himself at a condominium complex.The appliances were double stacked in his truck so he had to unstack them. Unfortunately, his hand truck did not have brakes, so he found himself running down the trailer ramp with appliances such as refrigerators that weighed over 400 pounds. Because there was no ramp or wheelchair access available to him, he had to haul heavy appliances over the curb. Part way through his 12-hour-day, he felt a snap and burning ache in his left arm. Also, his knees began to hurt going down stairs or ramps. When he finally went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with strains to his elbow, back and right knee. He lost 9 days of work time.

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Got Stress?

Got Stress? Stress has many causes, both inside and outside the workplace.

Stress has many causes, both inside and outside the workplace. In fact, conflicts between the two are referred to as work/life conflict. There are things you can do to minimize the effects of stress in the workplace. Use this poster in your next safety meeting, then post it where workers will see it.  

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Transfer Trailer Safety

Transfer trailer safety

This course teaches prevention of common traumatic injuries in the paving industry.

Jump Force

Know the forces involved in exiting your truck cab or trailer. Try our force simulator.


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Slips, trips, falls

Strains & sprains (Musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object


Pros wear their safety gear

A catcher would never enter the game without his safety gear even though it’s rare when he is hit by a 90 mph fastball. Hot and uncomfortable sometimes, yes, but he wears them anyway. Because without them, he would not be in the game. His career or even his life may depend on them! So does yours. Wear your safety gear so you can stay in the game!

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Smart and Safe Cell Phone Use

You already shouldn't use your cellphone in situations where you have to pay attention, like when you're driving. View this tip sheet to get a few tips on how not to let your smart phone cause you to make a dumb decision.

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