Keep Trucking Safe 2018 March Newsletter

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March 2018 Keep Trucking Safe Newsletter


(Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis)

The TIRES research team is working with industry leaders, safety and health professionals, employers, drivers, warehouse and dock workers, and many others to develop educational materials that identify hazards and provide low-cost, simple solutions to prevent injuries in the trucking industry. Learn more about TIRES.

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Liftgate Hang-Ups Are Safety Let Downs

Liftgate Hang-Ups   Are Safety Let Downs

A 47-year-old truck driver injured his neck and back trying to stop a shipment from falling off his truck’s broken liftgate.  

The driver arrived at the customer site early on a Friday with a heavy load of valuable office equipment. He hauled the freight in a standard box truck equipped with a rail-style hydraulic liftgate.  

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Smart and safe cell phone use, inside and outside the cab

Smart and Safe Cell Phone use tip sheet.

Distracted driving is a major topic in the news, but driving isn't the only time distraction can get us in trouble. Distracted walking or even standing in the wrong place can get you injured. We all need to be reminded to keep cell phones and other devices put away until we are in a safe place to be distracted by them.

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Tarping doesn’t need to be a pain in the back!

Tarping doesn’t need to be a pain in the back!

Case 1 A 48-year-old truck driver lifted and pulled a 50-foot-long frozen tarp across a truck trailer full of wheat. While pulling the tarp, he felt a snap in his back followed by extreme pain. This dedicated driver was permanently disabled from the injury. His workers’ compensation claim cost over $300,000. 

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Test your skills with this interactive training tool. Pre-Trip Checklist

Pre-Trip checklist

This pre-trip simulation  tool is intended to help those that are trying to become a truck driver or for experienced drivers that need to refreshen on their skills.

Transfer trailer safety

This interactive course teaches proper safety gear, how to lane cross and how to transfer a trailer safely. We all want our melons safe. 

This course teaches prevention of common traumatic injuries in the paving industry.

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Slips, trips, falls

Strains & sprains (Musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object


Want to be a pro?

If you want professional truck driving to be your career and not just a short term job, you need to work safely. This safety poster is a good reminder to consider your options when you need to tarp a load.

Tarp Safe Poster

Have you tried ratchet binders?

Any driver that has used lever binders has probably been struck or knows someone who has. In addition to this safety risk have you considered the extra force placed on your body? TIRES looked into it for you. Check out this safety poster to see the difference.

Ratchet vs Lever Poster