ESIT Data Management System (DMS) Known Issues May 2022

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ESIT Data Management System (DMS) Known Issues May 2022

GovDelivery Notifications

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Help Desk Fun Facts and Tips

In April 2022, ESIT Help Desk staff processed 64 data fixes and 271 administrative changes in the DMS. We also processed 234 requests to give school districts access to IFSPs. If your program is implementing changes and you can anticipate that administrative changes in child records will be required, please notify the ESIT Help Desk ahead of time so we can anticipate the influx in requests.

When reporting errors to the Help Desk, please include the child ID or the child’s DOB and the first two initials of the child’s first and last name in the subject line of your email. Screenshots are also helpful to problem-solve issues where error messages are displayed. Inquiries to the Help Desk email inbox and messages through the DMS have the fastest turnaround.

Please note that our average turnaround time for your request is 24 business hours. 

Reactivating Child Records in the DMS

When a child is referred and a record for this child already exists in the DMS, the FRC will reactivate this record by going through the child match function in the DMS. Once the record is active, the Help Desk can assist with resetting the child’s timeline/referral date only if there is no previous IFSP on file. If a previous IFSP is on file, the FRC will need to issue an annual IFSP for this child and the timeline will reset accordingly. You must request a timeline reset for all children that do not have a previous IFSP on file. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Silverlight Download Instructions

Silverlight is no longer publicly available for download. If you are onboarding new staff or need to download Silverlight on a new computer, please follow these instructions to install the Silverlight application:

  1. Make sure they have Windows 10 installed on their computer.
  2. You don’t need to download IE 11 to install the application, this can be done using Chrome.
  3. Open this link in Google Chrome to download Silverlight.
  4. After the download, double-click on the Silverlight installer.
  5. When the installer is done you might need to restart your computer.
  6. Test it out by opening the ESIT DMS website in IE 11.

Sunset Date for Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer being supported by Microsoft beginning in June 2022. DCYF has been aware of this upcoming sunset date for Internet Explorer and we have been working on a solution to make the DMS accessible on Microsoft Edge.

The compatibility work is currently in progress and we expect to have completed this work by May 2022. Once the update is released into our production environment, all users will be able to access the ESIT DMS using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Re-Evaluation of a Child that Previously Did Not Qualify

We have created a training guide that walks users through the process of re-determining eligibility for children that were previously referred but not found eligible. You can find this resource in the Trainings Guides and Exercises section on the DCYF website.

As a reminder, the eligibility decision should be entered in the DMS for all evaluated children, even if they were not found eligible for services at the time of the evaluation.

Turnaround Time for Correcting Data Entry Errors and/or Other Data Fixes

Our lean but effective team works on data fixes once a week and releases the script into our production environment after we have tested it to make sure the changes are correctly implemented. Some data fixes can take our developer multiple hours to complete. We try to be mindful to schedule all data fixes in priority order and our goal is to complete them within seven business days of receipt. The FRC will receive an email or DMS message once the data correction is visible in our system.

Need Assistance?

For Assistance with ESIT DMS, email

  • This is the most efficient way to get in the queue for assistance.
  • Send a description of your problem and include the child ID.
  • In some cases, it may be helpful to send a screenshot.
  • You may send a message directly through ESIT DMS if you do not need to attach screenshots to resolve the issue.