🚍 📰 Swift Network News 🚍 📰: Construction is underway! Find out where, why and how in this issue.

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Swift Network News - Community Transit

Vol. 3, Issue 2                                                                                               June 2022

Each of the new Swift stations will include a new shelter, seating, ticketing, and ORCA card readers.


Welcome to Swift Network News

Community Transit is expanding its Swift bus rapid transit (BRT) network with the addition of a third line — the Swift Orange Line scheduled to open in early 2024. The Swift Orange Line will connect with both existing Swift lines — the Blue and Green lines. Together, they will form a rapid transit network extending throughout south Snohomish County with two connections to light rail.

This newsletter will be published as newsworthy events occur during construction of the Orange Line, or other milestones take place in the Swift network.

Construction on 68th Ave W - new concrete and sidewalk restoration - June 2022

Construction has started on the Swift Orange Line

Edmonds College

Work has started at several sites along the new Swift Orange Line corridor. At Edmonds College on 68th Avenue West, crews have recently begun upgrading sidewalks in the area. In addition, they will continue upgrading sections of the main parking lot where the new bus stops will be located.

Pictured above: Crews have started restoring the sidewalks on 68th Avenue West with new concrete.


33rd Ave W demo of sidewalk for new Swift Station - June 2022

33rd Avenue West and 188th Street Southwest near Alderwood Mall

Crews continue to work on potholing, utility upgrades, and roadway/sidewalk upgrades along 33rd Avenue West.

This weekend, crews will begin upgrading a bus stop near the Alderwood Mall. This work will include:

  • Demolishing a section of 33rd Ave West where the new bus stop will be
  • Pouring and curing the concrete pad where buses stop

Drivers in the area can expect to see shifted lanes around work zones while pedestrians will see detours during construction. Thank you for your patience during construction.

Pictured above, right: Crews have started demolishing the sidewalk along 33rd Avenue West near the new Swift bus station.


Highway 99 utility upgrades - June 2022

196th Street and Hwy 99

As part of this project, several utility companies will be completing upgrades in the project corridor. Crews working for Zayo – a telecommunications utility provider – have started working at the corner of 196th Street SW and Highway 99. This work will take place overnight and will continue for several weeks.

Picture above: In order to complete the utility upgrades in this area, crews will need shift traffic around their work zones. Please practice caution when driving through our project corridor.

Temporary bus stop relocations during construction

As crews continue working along the corridor, some existing bus stops may need to be temporarily relocated. To stay informed of bus stop relocations, we encourage riders to sign up for Community Transit Rider Alerts.

For construction-related concerns, call (425) 224-2441 or email swiftorangeconstruction@commtrans.org

Screenshot taken from CTLive, Community Transit's monthly live webcast

Community Transit Live

Want to learn more about our Swift BRT network or Swift Orange Line construction? Community Transit Live webcasts on the agency’s Facebook Page on the second Tuesday of the month at Noon. Join us on Tuesday, June 14, to learn more!

Visit  www.communitytransit.org/ctlive for more information. If you have any questions, please call (425) 224-2441 or email swiftorangeconstruction@commtrans.org

Stay Informed

During construction, we will occasionally send out email updates to share updates about construction, upcoming traffic impacts, and more information about the project.

If you are located near a planned Swift station, please take a moment to fill out our construction survey. We may be reaching out to neighbors if there are any anticipated impacts prior to construction starting at each location.

Have questions during construction? Please call (425) 224-2441 or email swiftorangeconstruction@commtrans.org.

Swift Orange Line Resources

About Swift Orange Line

Construction-related concerns? Call (425) 224 2441 or email swiftorangeconstruction@commtrans.org

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