Swift Network News | Volume 2, Issue 64 | Swift Updates for Jan. 4, 2018

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 Vol. 2, Issue 64

Swift Green Line testing Jan 7

Swift Green Line stations are closed and fenced off, but their technologies will be tested the week of Jan. 7.

Don't Catch that Bus -- It's Only a Test!

On Jan. 7, buses will stop at all Swift Green Line stations to test real-time technology

Swift bus rapid transit lines use various technologies to move riders more quickly than local buses, including real-time next-bus information so customers do not need a schedule.

Beginning Jan.7, Community Transit will test those technologies by having buses stop at each station and letting staged “riders” get on and off the bus, simulating actual service.

Community Transit will use regular buses for the test, not Swift buses, to reduce confusion among customers who might think the Swift Green Line is in operation.

The Swift Green Line will begin operation on Sunday, March 24.

Among the technologies to be tested are:

  • Automatic passenger counters – which use infrared light paths to count how many passengers get on and off the bus at each station.
  • BusFinder – which shows real-time bus information on a web application.
  • Callouts – which audibly announce the stop both inside and outside the bus as it approaches each station.
  • Callout signs – which visually display the approaching station inside the bus, and also show date and time.
  • Headsigns – which display the route and destination on the outside front and side of the bus.
  • Next bus signs – which display at the station a countdown in minutes until the next bus arrives.
  • Transit signal priority – which is installed at each traffic signal on the route and gives an approaching bus a slightly longer green light.

Testing begins midday on Monday, Jan. 7 and may continue throughout the week until results are satisfactory.

Unrelated to the bus testing, staff will also be testing ticket vending machines that have been newly installed at Swift Green Line stations.

Swift Green Line stations have been under construction for more than a year, and are fenced off until service starts in March. Test buses will display “Testing – No Service” on their headsigns to let customers know that bus is not in service. Customers using the BusFinder web application should also be aware that arrival times for the Swift Green Line are for testing only.

More information about the Swift Green Line is available at www.communitytransit.org/SwiftGreen.

Community Transit Live
Martin and June CTLive

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Community Transit Live is monthly noontime webcast featuring the agency's latest news and answering questions from the public.

The next episode takes place at noon on Jan. 22 and will feature the latest information about Swift Green Line construction and testing.

Bring your lunch and your questions, and join us on Facebook or on our website at www.communitytransit.org/CTLive!

View previous webcasts, provide feedback or submit questions at www.communitytransit.org/CTLive.

Swift Green Line Info
Integrated Future Swift Network

Integrated Future Swift Network

When the Swift Green Line launches on March 24, it will establish Snohomish County’s first high-capacity transit network by connecting with the SwiftBlue Line at Hwy 99 & Airport Rd.

The network will eventually include more Swift lines, including an east-west Orange Line and a northern Red Line (see map at right). Plans are also in place for Blue and Green Line extensions.

The Swift bus rapid transit network is designed to serve the county's biggest employment centers and most congested traffic corridors.

Swift buses run every 10 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on evenings and weekends.

Riders pay their fare before boarding one of three doors on the Swift bus, bringing the average stop time to about 10 seconds.

When Link light rail arrives in 2024, the Swift network will bring thousands of Snohomish County residents to light rail stations every day.

More information about Swift bus rapid transit is available at www.communitytransit.org/Swift.