Swift Network News | Volume 2, Issue 45 | Construction Update for June 15, 2018

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 Vol. 2, Issue 45

SR96 20180614

Crews pour concrete for the Swift station platform at westbound SR 96 and Elgin Way/Dumas Rd. This weekend, they will install in-lane concrete bus pads at the eastbound station across the street.

Swift Green Line Station Construction

Weekend Lane Closures Scheduled on 128th St./132nd St. (SR 96)

128th St./132nd St. (Area 2) Weekend Lane Closures

In-lane concrete bus pads will be installed at two Swift Green Line station construction sites this weekend. The sites are located about half a mile apart on eastbound SR 96 -- one at the intersection with 3rd Ave. SE and the other at Elgin Way/Dumas Rd.

The concrete pads are hardier than asphalt and will better withstand the frequent service of Swift buses, reducing the need for costly maintenance in the future.

The following station sites will require a single-lane closure (with intermittent double-lane closures) from 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 16 to 4 a.m. on Monday, June 18:

  • Eastbound, 128th St. (SR 96) and 3rd Ave. SE
  • Eastbound, 132nd St. (SR 96) and Elgin Way/Dumas Rd.

After the bus pads are installed this weekend, each station will need concrete poured for curbs, sidewalks and station platforms. That work will take place next week, with one lane closed at each site from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. as needed.

Bothell-Everett Hwy., Trillium Blvd. to 180th St. (Area 3)

Construction in Area 3 of the station construction plan (see map under "Swift Green Line Information") continues next week at the following locations:

  • Northbound, Bothell-Everett Hwy. and 164th St.
    Wednesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Southbound, Bothell-Everett Hwy. and 180th St.
    Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Northbound, Bothell-Everett Hwy. and 180th St.
    Sunday-Tuesday, 8 p.m.-4 a.m.
    Curb, sidewalk and storm drain

Information about the Swift Green Line stations is available online at www.communitytransit.org/swiftstations

Swift Network News provides the most up-to-date construction information available at publication, but schedules are subject to change at any time. For more information about construction areas, including a map, see the related article under "Swift Green Line Information."

128th Street Project
WB 128th bus pullout

Work Begins on Westbound Bus Pullout

A future bus pullout has begun construction on westbound 128th St. just before the I-5 overpass. The area has been graded and is expected to have a new curb and gutter by June 22. This work will occur during the day next week (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.), but will not require closing any traffic lanes.

The traffic island at the northbound I-5 on-ramp has been reformed; old equipment will be removed from this area next week to make way for new signals to be installed. Work at the island will occur both daytime (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and nighttime (8 p.m. to 4 a.m.) June 18-22. No lanes will be closed, but traffic slowdowns may occur.

Information about the 128th Street project is online at www.communitytransit.org/128th.

Swift Blue Line News banner
Swift training station during and after painting

Painting the Town Blue

The project to "paint the town blue" by repainting all of the Swift Blue Line stations is underway!

Painting at the northbound station at Everett Station is finishing up today, and the southbound station at Wetmore and Pacific will be finished on Monday.

The next two stations to be painted are:

  • Southbound, Everett Station (Begins June 18)
  • Southbound, Rucker @ 41st St. (Begins June 29)

How will I use the Swift station when it's closed?

Each station will close for about a week to be painted.

While painting, the entire station will be enclosed so the work can be done quickly and in an environmentally safe manner. The top photo above shows the Swift training station enclosed during the painting process.

ORCA readers and ticket vending machines will not be operable at a closed station; riders are expected to pay their fare when they get off of the Swift bus.

Sidewalks will remain open, and Swift buses will pick up and drop off passengers at the nearest local bus stop, less than 100 feet away.

Notice will be posted at each station a week before it closes and will include directions to the nearest local stop.

Detailed information about the project, including a schedule, can be found online at www.communitytransit.org/SwiftPaint

What is the Swift Blue Line?

Click here to see how the Swift Blue Line and the Swift Green Line will connect.

The Swift Blue Line provides bus rapid transit service on Highway 99, serving 29 stations between its terminals at Everett Station and Aurora Village Transit Center. The Blue Line has been in operation since 2009.

Information about Swift Blue Line is online at www.communitytransit.org/swiftblue.

Seaway Transit Center
Seaway 20180614

Transit Center Site is 80 Percent Complete

Transit Center Site

The future Seaway Transit Center is 80 percent complete. Bus lanes and sidewalks, and both the interior and exterior of the on-site mechanical building should be complete within 3-4 weeks.

The final major work to be done on-site is landscaping, which will be completed by late summer.

Seaway Blvd.

The far-right lane of northbound Seaway Blvd. will be closed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 18-19 for crews to prepare for a final concrete pour to take place on Saturday, June 23.

Information about the Seaway Transit Center is online at www.communitytransit.org/seaway

Community Transit Live

Latest Construction Updates on June 26 Webcast

It's construction season in the Pacific Northwest, and our crews are busier than ever!

Keep up with the very latest in Swift construction news, and get your questions answered in real time by agency staff in our monthly Community Transit Live webcast.

The next webcast is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, June 26.

If you can't attend the live webcast be sure to view the recording, which will be posted to our Facebook page and website -- with subtitles! -- within 48 hours.

Community Transit Live is your opportunity to connect with us wherever you are, in real time. Bring your questions and join us on June 26!

View previous webcasts, provide feedback or submit questions at www.communitytransit.org/ctlive.

Swift Green Line Info
Swift Green Line Construction Area Map

Construction Includes Four Areas, Several Stages

The Swift Green Line will run between the Canyon Park Park & Ride in Bothell and the Seaway Transit Center, which is currently under construction near the Boeing Everett plant.

Swift Green Line buses will serve 34 stations at 16 intersections and two terminals every 10 minutes weekdays, and every 20 minutes nights and weekends.

Community Transit is building the stations in stages: underground utility work, concrete platforms, and finally the station structures.

Construction began in Area 1, the northernmost part of the route, and will generally move east and south, resulting in each station being visited several times in 2018.

Swift stations will provide weather protection, seating, adequate lighting, real-time next bus signs, and a rider information kiosk. ORCA smart card readers and ticket vending machines will provide quick and easy ways for riders to pay their fare before boarding a Swift bus.

The Swift Green Line will connect with the Swift Blue Line at Hwy 99 & Airport Rd., establishing Snohomish County’s first high-capacity transit network. The network will eventually include more Swift lines and Link light rail.

The Swift Green Line will begin service in spring 2019.