The Route Ahead | Community Transit News from CEO Emmett Heath for March 2018

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March 2018 |  Community Transit News from CEO Emmett Heath

Rick Larsen visits Seaway TC with Emmett Heath

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen visited Community Transit's new Seaway Transit Center construction site to talk with Community Transit CEO Emmett heath about federal funding for transportation projects.

Congressman Rick Larsen Discusses Federal Infrastructure Funding at Seaway Transit Center Construction Site

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen from Washington’s 2nd Congressional District visited Community Transit’s new Seaway Transit Center construction site today to talk with Community Transit CEO Emmett Heath about federal funding for transportation projects. The Seaway site by Boeing-Everett will be the northern terminal for the Swift Green Line bus rapid transit project.

Roughly two-thirds of the Swift Green Line project will be paid for by federal funds from the competitive Small Starts program. The Trump Administration has proposed to eliminate that and other transportation capital grant programs.

Larsen said Congress is taking up the latest infrastructure funding package for the FY2019 budget and intends to continue funding for transportation projects, although the levels may change.

Service Proposal Cover

Community Transit Proposes 12 Percent Service Expansion

Community Transit proposes to invest $12 million in new bus service in the next year. The proposal would restore 10-minute weekday service to the Swift Blue Line this fall and launch the new Swift Green Line between Bothell and Paine Field next spring.

Continuing its commitment to expand service following a 2015 voter-approved transit expansion measure, Community Transit proposes to increase service by 12 percent, or 49,000 annual service hours. This expansion is projected to increase bus ridership by 750,000 trips in its first year and up to 1.8 million trips, or a 20 percent increase, by 2023.

The bulk of the service increase will be the launch of the Swift Green Line, Snohomish County’s second bus rapid transit line, in spring 2019. Other changes would improve access to existing routes, add more commuter trips and improve transit connections.

Details are online at

Fare Change Chart

Proposed 25-Cent Fare Increase Accompanies New Fare Policy

The agency is also proposing a 25-cent fare increase for local bus, DART paratransit and vanpool service, and a simplification of its commuter fares effective Oct. 1. The agency last increased fares in 2014.

The agency proposes a 25-cent increase for local bus and DART paratransit fares:

  • Adult - $2.50, Youth - $2 and Reduced fare - $1.25.

The proposal would also simplify commuter fares for routes to Seattle/UW, designating one fare for all commuter routes:

  • Adult - $4.25, Youth - $3 and Reduced fare - $2.

Vanpool rates would be increased an average of 3 percent, or about $14/month, based on size of van and length of trip.

A new fare policy will also take effect Oct. 1 that charges commuter fares for all riders of commuter routes (400 & 800 routes), regardless of where they board or de-board. This policy was adopted by the Community Transit Board of Directors last fall.

Public Comment and Outreach on Proposals

Public comment on the service expansion and fare change proposals will be taken through April 6. 

A public hearing before the Board of Directors is scheduled at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 5 at 7100 Hardeson Road in Everett, accessible by Community Transit Route 105 and Everett Transit Route 8.

Public comment can be sent to:

Two in-person community meetings will be held:

  • March 20, 5-7 p.m. at Mill Creek City Hall
  • March 22, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at Everett Station

Two Community Transit Live virtual community meetings will be held:

Visit for more information.

Roland speaks to Q13 News at Cedar & Grove

Community Transit in the News

Community Transit’s innovative programs that brought Double Tall buses to the region, Swift bus rapid transit and a nationally-recognized social media program have earned the agency a cover story in an upcoming issue of Mass Transit magazine.

The magazine’s editor will fly to Everett this month to interview CEO Emmett Heath and tour the facilities, including an innovative Employee Maintenance Center that provides onsite physical therapy to help reduce long-term injuries.

Local TV station KCPQ also interviewed Strategic Planning Unit Manager Roland Behee about north county service for an upcoming story on population and job growth in the Marysville area. Look for that story later this month.

Pictured above: Local TV station KCPQ interviewed Strategic Planning Unit Manager Roland Behee at the Cedar & Grove Park & Ride.

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