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A monthly newsletter for healthcare providers from Island County Community & Family Health. 

September 2022

Monkeypox (MPV) Update


Current Status

As of September 7, 2022:

  • The CDC reported 21,274 cases of monkeypox/orthopox virus infections in the US across 50 states.
  • WA DOH reported 488 MPV cases in Washington State.  One case has been confirmed in Island County. 
  • In WA State, most cases report close, intimate, or sexual contact, though household transmission is also likely occurring in a few cases. Adult cisgender females and children under 18 are among cases in the past month.
  • Providers should have a high index of suspicion for monkeypox for any patient who has a clinically compatible rash. Cases can occur with any type of close contact, and among any patient demographic, regardless of age, social history, gender, or sexual identity.

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Vaccine is available locally through WhidbeyHealth and Camano Island Health System. Please visit our website to review eligibility criteria and contact Island County Public Health for patient scheduling.

Disease Reporting

Healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and laboratories:  

Variant Influenza Virus Infections


Five cases of human infection with influenza viruses that usually spread only in pigs, also known as variant influenza virus infections, were reported to CDC in August 2022. These cases include three infections with influenza A(H3N2) variant A(H3N2)v virus and two infections with influenza A(H1N2)v virus. These cases were identified in West Virginia (3), Oregon (1), and Ohio (1). Four of the five cases reported exposure to pigs or attendance at an agricultural fair prior to illness, and one reported no contact with pigs or attendance at an agricultural fair prior to illness. Clinical characteristics of these cases have been similar to those of seasonal influenza infections and have included fever, cough, pharyngitis, myalgia, and headache. No hospitalizations or deaths have occurred among these five cases, and all patients are recovering or have recovered from their illnesses. To date, no person-to-person spread associated with the five recent variant influenza virus infections has been identified.


Steps for Clinicians

Outside of the traditional influenza season, ask patients with suspected influenza if they have had any recent exposure to swine.

Clinicians who suspect influenza in persons with recent exposure to swine should:

  • Obtain a nasopharyngeal swab or aspirate from the patient,
  • Place the swab or aspirate in a viral transport medium, and
  • Contact Island County health department to arrange transport and request a timely diagnosis at a state public health laboratory.
  • Recommend antiviral treatment in patients with suspected or confirmed variant influenza virus infection who are hospitalized, have severe illness, or are in a group considered at increased risk for complications from influenza.
  • Antiviral treatment can also be considered for those not at increased risk based on clinical judgement and if treatment can be initiated within 48 hours of illness onset.

Disease Reporting 

Notifiable to Island County Public Health. Contact Melanie Davis, RN BSN at 360-499-4023 or send a report via confidential fax to 360-221-8480.

Other Communicable Disease Updates

Social Media Outreach

Please consider sharing the following social media posts. This month, we’re focusing on the monkeypox (MPV) hotline and National Preparedness Month.

MPV Hotline

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Contact the Monkeypox Hotline to get find answers about the disease, prevention, testing, and treatment. Island County Public Health staff are also available as a community resource, find our contact information here:

mpv hotline

National Preparedness Month

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It's the official start of National Preparedness Month! Learn about ways you and your family can stay safe and be prepared for an emergency or disaster.  Find resources and information here:



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