Willow Springs School News, 6/02/2024

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Willow Writers Writing Club celebrated the publication of their anthology of stories and poems with a special breakfast.

Willow Writers

Our Willow Writers celebrated the end of the year and the publication of their anthology of stories and poems. This group of students met weekly before school to write under the direction of Mrs. Angie Young, music teacher.

Way to go Willow Writers!!

Dear Willow Springs families,

Summertime is just around the corner and we are all eager to say hello to the warm days and slower pace.

We understand that summer is a time to unwind and enjoy a more leisurely pace, and it is also a critical period for fostering wellness and strengthening interpersonal relationships--both of which are essential for your child’s overall development. Here are some suggestions on how you can create a balanced summer that nurtures your child's social and emotional well-being:

  1. Encourage social interaction: Arrange playdates, family gatherings, or community activities to help your child build friendships and develop social skills.
  2. Promote emotional wellness: Create a safe space for your child to express their feelings. Encourage open conversations and support their emotional needs.
  3. Incorporate physical activities: Plan outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or sports to keep your child active and reduce stress.
  4. Foster creativity and curiosity: Encourage hobbies such as painting, reading, or learning a musical instrument to stimulate their minds.
  5. Model positive relationships: Show kindness, patience, and respect in your interactions, as children learn by observing adults.
  6. Maintain a routine: Keep a flexible daily structure to provide stability while allowing time for relaxation.

By thoughtfully planning a summer that emphasizes social and emotional growth, we can help our children develop the skills they need to navigate life with resilience and confidence.

Thank you for sending us your best every day! #Willow Pride

Dylan Taylor, Principal

Ipsa Stringer, Assistant Principal

Laura Tapper, Assistant Principal

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Willow's Calendar

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

People with ancestral roots in Asia and the islands of the Pacific have been integral to the story of America. In 1992, May was designated Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month to celebrate their heritage and contributions.Learn more about the heritage months, celebrations, and traditions celebrated in FCPS.

May is Jewish American Heritage Month.

May is a national month of recognition of the history of Jewish contributions to American culture, acknowledging the diverse achievement of the Jewish community in the U.S. Learn more about the heritage months, celebrations, and traditions celebrated in FCPS.

  • June 4 - Spring Strings Concert, Rock Run Middle School
  • June 5 - End of Year Band Concert, Willow Springs Cafeteria
  • June 6 - 5th Grade Medieval Day
  • June 11 - 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony & Celebration
  • June 12 - Last Day of School - 2-hour early release, 2 p.m.

SOL makeup tests are being given this week.

Standardized Testing Results Coming Soon

You will soon begin receiving your child’s spring assessment results. If you aren’t sure what assessments your child took this year, view this list of tests by grade level on FCPS’ website. 

How the results are delivered depends on the test. Scores will be posted in SIS ParentVUE, or sent by mail or from the school or testing organization. Learn what to expect regarding assessment reporting practices and timelines

Visit FCPS’ website for additional information about student assessments, including what each assessment is testing for and how to interpret the test results. Caregivers should contact their children’s teacher with any testing questions.


The cafeteria will NOT be serving a full menu on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

due to the 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony in the cafeteria on that day.

Medications must be picked up from the Health Room prior to the start of summer.

Health Room Medication Pick Up

The school health room is reminding parents and guardians that all medication stored in the health room must be picked up no later than the student dismissal time on the last day of school.

Medication left in the health room after that time will be destroyed. It is school policy that medications must be picked up by the parent or guardian. Medication cannot be sent home with your student.

If your student will be enrolled in a summer program sponsored by Fairfax County Public Schools, the existing medication authorization form(s) may be used for the summer program, but you will need to pick up the medication on the last day of school and deliver the medication and completed forms to the summer learning site  on  the first day of the summer program. Please let the health room know if you would like a copy of the form(s).

Medications must be picked up from the Health Room prior to the start of summer.

End of School Year Laptop Returns

Student school laptops will be collected at the end of the school year.

Bridge to K and the SOAR program will take place at Daniels Run. Students will need to return their laptops at the end of year. Laptops for Bridge to K and SOAR will be provided to students the first day of Summer School and will remain at Daniels Run ES. Do NOT fill out form.

Student school laptops will be collected at the end of the school year with the following exceptions:

Summer Programs-CTE, Tech Adventure Camp, EIFTA, IFTA

  • Students in these programs will keep their Willow Springs laptops for the summer program.
  • They must be returned to Willow Springs by Friday, July 26.
  • Sixth graders who do not return their laptop will not be issued a middle school laptop, until the elementary laptop comes back.
  • If your child will be attending one of the programs above, please fill out this form.

Elementary Institute for the Arts registration is now open and spots are available.


Registration is open and slots are available for FCPS' Elementary Institute for the Arts and Institute for the Arts (IFTA) for secondary school students. These are GREAT programs so take a look and consider registering your child.

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found rack is FULL of sweaters, hoodies, and coats! If your child has lost an article of clothing this year, PLEASE remind them to check the lost and found rack in the lobby. We also welcome parents to check it when you stop by our school.

Items not claimed by the last day of school will be donated to a local community organization serving families in need.

24-25 Student Intention Form 

The Student Intention form 2024-25 is used by FCPS staff to project each school's total enrollment for the next school year. The form only needs to be completed if your child will NOT be returning to Willow Springs or FCPS next year. Do NOT complete the form if your student is moving on to an FCPS middle school. 

The form can also be found on the Willow Springs Website Homepage.

Kindergarten Registration

 Register Your Five-Year-Old for Kindergarten

Online Registration is Open!

Online registration for all FCPS students for the 2024-25 school year is now available. Learn about the online registration process.

After registration is complete the student will be ready for orientation or any other introductory events Willow Springs may host. 

Registering your child early helps schools prepare and ensure they have the teachers and resources needed on the first day of school. Parents/caregivers may prepare for registration by gathering documents and completing forms. For details and language support, please visit the Kindergarten Registration page.

Willow  Springs' Farmers Market is open every Friday after school.

Willow Springs Farmers Market 

Willow Springs Farmers Market opened on Friday, April 19 and runs through Friday, June 7!

Eat healthy and local while supporting our after-school Garden Club and STEAM activities.


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