Forestville Updates 4/27

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Calendar Reminders

May 3rd - No School for Students/Teacher Workday/Kindergarten Orientation

May 7th - 5th & 6th Reading SOL  📚

May 8th - 3rd & 4th Reading SOL 📚

May 10th - Principal's Coffee ☕

☕Principal's Coffee

Our next Principal Coffee will be Friday, May 10th at 9:30 a.m., in the Forestville cafeteria. We will have an informal Q & A on any topics of your choice. We look forward to seeing you on May 10th! 

🌟SOLs Starting Soon

*see schedule below 

Our Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are coming up in May.

These assessments measure the extent to which students have learned the content and skills reflected in state standards. The content tested varies by grade level. See below for the scheduled dates this Spring.

Grade 3:

  • 📖 Reading: Wednesday, May 8th
  • 🧮 Math: Wednesday, May 15th

Grade 4:

  • 📖 Reading: Wednesday, May 8th
  • 🧮 Math: Wednesday, May 15th

Grade 5:

  • 📖 Reading: Tuesday, May 7th
  • 🧮 Math: Tuesday, May 14th
  • 🔬 Science: Tuesday, May 21

 Grade 6:

  • 📖 Reading: Tuesday, May 7th
  • 🧮 Math: Tuesday, May 14th


  • Students scoring 375-399 will be eligible for a retake May 28-31.

If you have any questions about SOL tests, please reach out to our School Testing Coordinator, Afton Carlson.

Kindergarten class playing

🏫Kindergarten Orientation

What: Kindergarten Orientation  

Where: In-person at Forestville Elementary (cafeteria)

When: Friday May 3rd at 2:30 p.m.

Important Note: For families attending the orientation in-person, please bring your rising Kindergarten child with you to the orientation. During the orientation session for parents, your children will be split between the three kindergarten classrooms where they will participate in some enjoyable activities. Forestville Elementary staff members will be in the classrooms supervising them, while parents are in the cafeteria going through the orientation with our Kindergarten teachers. 

To start the registration process: You will need to complete the forms in the enrollment bundle found on this link. Please complete & print single sided. Do not sign the forms until you finalize registration in person.

Along with the forms, you will also need to provide the following:

  • Government Issued ID (such as a driver’s license)
  • Birth certificate for each student
  • Proof of Residency in Fairfax County:
  • Deed OR Lease with three supporting documents (such as current utility bills with name and address)
  • Physical exam within 12 months of school start date, August 22, 2022
  • Immunization records
  • TB Test: For all students who have resided in a foreign country included on the High TB Burden Country List, for a consecutive period of four weeks.

**Please try to register before or after May 3rd as it will be very busy on Orientation Day.

Please contact our school registrar,, or 703-404-6000 if you need assistance. 

🩹A Message from the Health Room

Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us! Tree pollen has been moderated to high, and we are seeing a lot of uncomfortable students in the clinic. Signs and symptoms of allergies include congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes nose and throat, runny nose, fatigue, cough. If your student has known seasonal allergies, it is time to start them back on their allergy medication as directed by your physician."

Class Placement Parent Input (all grades)

If your child is returning to Forestville next school year, we offer you the opportunity to share any comments you would like regarding class placements. If you know that your family will not be joining us for the 2024-2025 school year, please reach out to Ms. Kirk at or 703-404-6000 to let us know.  

Our staff will be working on tentative class groupings this spring, with classroom assignments finalized in mid-August.  As we make these placements, we consider many factors including individual student information, teacher input, and social relationships. Every class will have a blend of children with diverse needs, personalities, and learning interests. Due to the many factors we must consider in creating classroom placements, including the staffing of our teachers, requests for a specific teacher cannot be honored.

If you have information that you believe is pertinent to your child’s placement for next year, please complete this optional form by Friday, May 10th for it to be taken into consideration. There is no need to complete the form if you do not have any information you would like us to consider. Due to the tight timeline before school is out, late submissions cannot be considered. Thank you!

📄Non-Profit Community Flyer Distribution

As outlined by FCPS Regulation 1367.2, school principals shall offer options to nonprofit organizations that want to make their materials available to students and parents. These flyers must be related to the school’s educational mission and be age-appropriate. Community organizations must submit their materials in advance to the school’s administration and must include the disclaimer “These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Fairfax County School Board, the Superintendent, or this School.”

To see the Spring Non-Profit Flyers click here

📰FCPS News

In case you missed it in FCPS This Week, the school division shared updates on the following topics:

  • Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!
  • Weigh in on School Health Services
  • FCPS Shines Bright With Continued ENERGY STAR® Recognition

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