This Week at Willow Springs

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This week is Willow Wonders Week, a week dedicated to celebrating all that makes us wonderful!

Welcome to Willow Wonders Week!

This week is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating that which makes us all wonders and engaging in activities that bring POSITIVE energy into our lives.

The hope is that this positive energy will expand and elevate our spirits and our growth so that we all finish this year strong and better than ever.

This week is a passion project created by two of our 5th grade students, Lily and Madelyn, who see a need and came up with a plan to address the need.

Today, Lily and Madelyn will be stationed in the lobby near the office handing out new sets of sidewalk chalk to teachers so that students may create beautiful pictures and messages on all the sidewalks and the blacktop. We will surround our school with beauty and positivity.

On Tuesday, teachers are encouraged to take their students outside to eat their snack or even to have lunch outdoors. If your child will be eating lunch outdoors, please send them to school with a towel or a sheet to sit on. 

On Wednesday, students will have access to multi-colored Post-It notes and markers which they may use to create uplifting and encouraging messages for themselves and others. We will throw kindness around like confetti and fill our walls with our kind thoughts and words.

On Thursday, teachers and students are encouraged to take their learning outdoors into nature. Students who would like to bring nature into our building are welcome to bring in plants, seashells, rocks and anything else we can SAFELY use to create natural, calming spaces in our building.

On Friday, we will all be encouraged to engage in the activities that calm us and bring joy into our lives like writing, drawing, listening to music, dancing, etc. What is your favorite calming activity? 

Together, we make Willow Springs a WONDERFUL place for learning and growing TOGETHER!

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