Senior Assassin Game

Dear Cedar Families,

We are aware that some students are participating in an activity called “Senior Assassin.”  Part of this activity involves students getting someone “out” by squirting them with a water gun. While these toy guns may seem harmless, they pose a significant risk to the well-being and sense of security in our community.

Here are some reasons why toy guns can be dangerous:

  1. Difficulty in Distinguishing: In stressful or high-pressure situations, it can be very difficult to quickly differentiate a toy gun from a real firearm. This confusion can lead to misidentification and potentially tragic consequences.
  2. Disruption and Fear: The presence of toy guns can generate fear and anxiety among students and staff. This disrupts the learning environment and undermines our efforts to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone.
  3. Normalization of Gun Violence: Bringing toy guns to school, even in a playful manner, can unintentionally make the use of weapons seem normal and lead to people becoming numb to gun violence.

FCPS has a strict policy against bringing any weapons or replicas of weapons onto school grounds. This policy exists to protect our students, our staff, and our entire community. Students found in possession of toy guns will face disciplinary action as noted in FCPS’ Student Rights & Responsibilities document.

Please talk to your children about the severity of this issue and the importance of leaving toy guns at home. Emphasize that school is a place for learning, and weapons, whether real or not, have no place in this environment.

Thank you for your commitment to making our school a safe and welcoming place for everyone.


Dr. Farrish